"Malt Liquor In Wine Glasses" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Trip Hop, Nu Jazz)

This is a live mix recorded in Oakland, and is full of Hip Hop and Jazz elements creating a classy vibe here in the concrete jungle. There are a few classic hip hop tracks covered by Jazz musicians, and a few Soul tracks covered by hip hop collectives. There are some huge, staple songs in the downtempo world on here.  Some of these are defining breakout tracks that shaped these artists and helped them blow up. Especially the St. Germain and Tosca Tracks. This mix was spun on a Friday night, so even though it's mellow, it still has a crunchy feel so I wouldn't put anyone to sleep.

1 - Runnin' - Visioneers
2 - All I Need - Roy Hargrove
3 - Push 'Em Up - Armand Van Helden
4 - Brooklyn 1, 2 - DJ Cam
5 - Damn - Nightmares On Wax
6 - Keeping The Motion - DJ Krush
7 - Electro Space Modulator - Ming & FS
8 - Music Use It - Lalomie Washburn
9 - The Global Village (Instrumental) - Nickodemus
10 - Rebirth - A Forest Mighty Black
11 - Suzuki - Tosca
12 - The Mirror Conspiracy - Thievery Corporation
13 - L.O.V.E. And You & I (Dr. Ghe Mix) - Jazzanova
14 - Electric Relaxation - Jeff Lorber
15 - Sure Thing - St Germain
16 - Afros In Ya - J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
17 - Etoh - The Avalanches
18 - But The World Moves On feat.D-MADNESS & Masato Nakamura - DJ Krush
19 - Ike's Mood (on 2) - Visioneers
20 - A Tribute to TROY - J. Rawls
21 - Hot Butter - Armand Van Helden
22 - Bring It On - Dual Control
23 - Jazz Potato - Mr. Scruff

Download The Tracks Individually Here

Concrete Rose-Mixed By DJ IMANI (Soul Remixes, Trip Hop)

How freakin beautiful is this pic?! Graffiti and a totally smokin hot girl???  Two of the greatest things in life!!! Its like taking a hot, deep dish pizza with all the freshest ingredients, and then sprinkling it with Diamonds. Or taking some Shrooms and then deep sea diving in the most tropical ocean. I don't know, that's all I can think of right now, hahaha.

This mix combines my love of Trip Hop with Soul.  Fresh beats with a ton of Remixes and Covers. There are some bad ass versions on here, and a rare Jamiroquai cut that is not on any album. I got the title from something Tupac said in an interview. He compared himself to a rose growing out of a crack in a concrete sidewalk. The rose is all beat up, barely surviving, bruised, stepped on, malnutritioned and withering. He said some people passing by say, "That rose is ugly and hopeless!" While others stop and admire the rose and say, "Holy Shit! That rose is surviving in concrete!"

That's my life right there. I never thought I'd live to see 27. I had a hard upbringing, in poverty, with shitty education. Topped off with a distant family, and growing up in the armpit of deep East Oakland. Fuck all that though!  I grew up outta that shit and rose above.   It's hard to rise above when you are living in those conditions, and you will always bear scars, but having risen out of the muck has opened my eyes so much. I feel like I can appreciate more of the little things, and no problem is too big for me to handle.

This mix is an example of my transition from super hood life to just slightly less hood life (Haha, I'm still working my way up).  There is some heavy hitting Trip Hop and some amazing Old School remixes.

1 - It's Your Thing ('95 Extended Remix) - The Jackson 5
2 - Get the Third (Instrumental) - J-Live
3 - Last Tango In Paris (Herb Alpert Cover) - Gotan Project
4 - Shake It Loose - Mo´ Horizons
5 - Just a Little Lovin (GB Remix) - Carmen McCrae
6 - Jealous - Marcel
7 - DJ Kicks - Terranova
8 - The Werewolf Break - Ben Human
9 - Big Mouth (Nomadic Remix) - Whodini
10 - Don't Look Any Further (DJ U.F. Low Mix) - Dennis Edwards Feat. Seidah Garrett
11 - Bullet - Jamiroquai
12 - Day Dreamer - Josh One
13 - Lover Man (Jazzelicious Remix) - Sarah Vaughan
14 - I Want You (7 Samurai Remix) - Marvin Gaye
15 - If You Want Me To Stay (S.A.T.F.S. Cover) - Devin Lima
16 - Violin Madness - Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk
17 - Hydroponic Jungle Throwdown - DJ Frane
18 - Tribute To King Tubby - Fatboy Slim
19 - Fresh Rhythm - Quantic
20 - 24 Carat Blag - Herbaliser
21 - Lapdance (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - N.E.R.D.
22 - Nevas\Da (Featuring Anik) - Ming & FS
23 - Reservoir Dogs - Armand Van Helden
24 - Black Widow - K-Scope

Download The Tracks Individually Here