"Finger Lickin" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Soulful Broken Beat/Mellow Broken Beat)

Here is another live broken beat mix I spun in Oakland.  I wish there was more of a Broken Beat scene in the Bay Area. I love this music so much.  I swear I'm gonna be the last person alive that plays it.

1 - In My Bed (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - Amy Winehouse
2 - Snert - Audiomontage
3 - Home - Beanfield & Bajka
4 - The Ghetto [Atjazz Remix] - Bob Sinclair
5 - Aziza - Satin Souls
6 - Just A Lil' Lovin' (DJ Edit) - Jazzanova
7 - Lovely (Remix) - Soulstice
8 - Change Is What We Need (Progress) - Troubleman
9 - Be My Husband (Remix) - Nina Simone
10 - Do Your Dance (Dixless Main CD Mix) - Ras
11 - Haba Na Haba - Nappy G
12 - Unknown White Label
13 - Quiet Nights - Andy Caldwell Feat. Gina Rene

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Building Bridges" & "Burning Bridges" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Latin/Brazilian House) and (Trip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Electro)

I take the Bay Bridge to work every day from Oakland to San Francisco and I see the daily progress of the new bridge being built.  I think it parallels my dilemma as a DJ. I'll explain:

I started as a Trip Hop DJ, and I still love Trip Hop/Downtemp to death, but you can't really play Trip Hop in clubs, so I gotta start focusing on House music more. I feel like I need to speed it up a bit, tempo wise, if I am going to get more booking.  I need to play music people can dance to, or else I will be stuck doing happy hours and lounges forever.  I really like House music, and have listened to it for years, so I don't mind switching it up a bit, but I need to do some rebuilding right now, like the bridge.  I guess this two part mix symbolizes building towards my future as a DJ, and burning the past.  It also represents my Oakland roots branching out into SF.

I grew up in Oakland listening to hip hop, but it lacked something. I needed something a little more sophisticated. After I heard a few CD's by DJ Cam, DJ Krush, Kruder & Dorfmeister and Thievery Corporation, I knew I finally found what I was looking for. I realized I was more into the beats and rhythms in music, rather than merely the lyricism. Trip hop had a more refined melody, minus the abrasive lyrical content. I fell In love, hard.

Downtempo/Trip Hop Electronic music soon flooded my library like a Tidal Wave and eventually I started going to raves, so hearing House Music was inevitable. I was a bit of a late bloomer on the House scene though, only getting into in the late 90's.  I love Brokenbeat a bit more than just straight up House, but many consider Brokenbeat merely a sub-genre of Deep House, which is a sub-genre in itself.  I love Deep House too, so it's all good.  Brokenbeat isn't insanely big out here, so I'll probably be spinning mostly Deep House, with a splash of Brokenbeat.

Here is Disc 1-Building Bridges (Deep Tribal/Latin House)

"Building Bridges" Part 1 of a 2 Part "Bay Bridge" Series
Mixed By DJ Imani

Download Building Bridges Tracks Individually Here

1 - Emballa (Louie Vega featuring Jaffa "Album Mix") - Cirque Du Soleil
2 - Bossa Note - Dalminjo
3 - Da Lagrima - Rose Max
4 - Kana - Raw Artistic Soul Feat. Laygwan Sharkie
5 - River Song (Grant Nelson Mix) - Bebel Gilberto
6 - Sol Y Mas (Main Mix) - 4 Siders
7 - Outro Lugar - Salomé De Bahia
8 - Baya Baya - Safri Duo
9 - Meu Coraçao - Hacienda
10 - Le Champagne - Trentemøller
11 - Amora Todo Gas - Peret and Manuel Malou and Nilo
12 - After Hours (Ibadan Mix) - Restless Soul
13 - Musica (NNY Funked Up Mix) - S.O.M. Featuring Barbara Mendes
14 - Air Batucada - Thievery Corporation
15 - Un Dia Mas - Chichi Peralta

Here is Disc 2 of the "Bay Bridge Series" the Trip Hop mix. It is full of dark beats, and samples.

This is the most effort I have ever put into a studio mix.  It is a complete representation of who I am as a person. I spent countless nights narrowing down my favorite tunes, and searching for the right samples to incorporate. For almost 2 months, all I did was work on making this mix perfect. As if I was putting a best friend to rest forever. I use CDJs to mix, so I made DJ friendly custom edits, remastered certain tracks to have fuller volume, looped a couple of my favorite breakdowns (etc.) I put every ounce of my heart and soul into this one and it still did not come out exactly like I had hoped. It's still an awesome mix, but I wanted it to be absolutely perfect.  It has only a couple flaws, but I guess it makes sense if this mix is supposed to represent who I am, since none of us are perfect.

If you think too hard in music, you can screw it up.  You just gotta feel it.

Anyhow, this is ME. This mix right here. These are tracks that got me into DJ'ing and describe my brain (if music has the ability to do so). I wanted to make a mix that could express my personality.

1 - Rise Up - Mark Rae
2 - The Ben Identity - Ben Human
3 - Roots - Amit
4 - Interlude - DJ Cam
5 - Taiyou Ga Arukagiri/Polegnala E Pschenitza - Monkey-Ken & DJ Seto Feat.Hazaed & Daddy Shadow / Orchestra & Choir Of Bulgarian Radio
6 - You Can't Stop The Reign (Instrumental) - Shaquille O'Neal
7 - Catch A Rude Awakening - Rae & Christian
8 - Sleep - Dan The Automator
9 - Rue The Whirl - Boards Of Canada
10 - La La Feat Dj Dez (Instrumental)/The Way We Were/Try To Remember (Imani's Mashup) - Slum Village/Gladys Knight & The Pips
11 - Fallout - Hive
12 - The Next Mile [instrumental] - All Natural
13 - Foundation (Instrumental) - Xzibit
14 - Day 3 - Alex Kid
15 - What They Do (Instrumental) - The Roots
16 - Dreaming Of You (Imani's Vocal Edit) - The Blackbyrds
17 - Moments In Bass - DJ Laz
18 - Coffee Talk (Trip Hop Version) - Jazzanova
19 - Time Tunnel - Megashira
20 - Fat Ass Joint - Cujo
21 - Theme From A Dream (Imani's Breakdown Loop) - Desmond Williams
22 - Duel With A So(u)l - A Forest Mighty Black
23 - Someone's Second Kiss - Rjd2
24 - Rhyme War - Eliot Lipp
25 - Koinonea - Bluetech
26 - Emptiness - Benji
27 - Destination Earth (1999) - Newcleus
28 - Gel Lab - Plaid
29 - Piano Playa Hata - Wagon Christ
30 - I'll See You In A Place With Lights (Feat. DJ Imani on the Cuts) - John Tejada
31 - World Famous (Imani Custom) - Malcolm McLaren

Samples Taken From: Gladys Knight, GZA, Grandmaster Flash, Zion I, Gil Scott Heron, Boogie Down Productions (KRS One), Dead Prez, Erykah Badu, Hive, Mr. Oizo, Blood Hound Gang, Raekwon, Herbalizer, Troubleman, Ming & FS and "A Children's Introduction to Rhythm"

Download Burning Bridges Tracks Individually Here

"PolyRhythm" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Soul/Latin/Jazz Broken Beat)

This mix is full of older personal favorites of mine.  There are 2 cover songs, a Marvin Gaye one, and a Celia Cruz one that are the Shiznittle. The title is taken from the crew that DJ MIKAN and I started, the PolyRhythm Conductors. We want to do our part in building up the Nu Jazz, Brokenbeat, Rare Groove/Boogie and Trip Hop scene out here. We haven't pulled it off just yet, but there are a few crews that are still keeping it alive.  I feel like the music scene it going through a strange transition right now, or maybe it's just me.

1 - Can You Feel It - Marc Antoine
2 - Dub Club Track - Stereotype And Soothsayer
3 - Burnin' (Jazzanova Mix) - Tate 's Place
4 - After The Dance feat. Melo (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - Simbad
5 - Who Are You Featuring Capital A - Afro Mystik and Capital A
6 - Nobody Knows - P'taah
7 - Higher Love (Vocal Mix) - Antonio Ocasio
8 - What's Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber) - Ian Pooley
9 - True Love (Brokenbeat Version) - Aquanote
10 - Day 2001 - At Jazz
11 - La Brisa Da Vida (Charles Spencer Remix) - Favela 5
12 - Tourment d'Amour - DJ Gregory
13 - Afro Rainbow - Raw Deal
14 - Quimbara (Jazztronik Mix) (Celia Cruz) - Jack Costanzo
15 - Come With Me (Reel People Remix) - Rasmus Faber
16 - Complete Life (Jazzanova Mix) - Liquid Lounge
17 - Fool - Rae & Christian

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"The Universal Language" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Trip Hop, World Beat, Downtempo)

There is a saying that "Music is the universal language". I was listening to a lot of Jazz on KCSM around the time that I made this mix. I heard Chuy (not Chuy Gomez) on his Sunday Brazillian Jazz show mention that "Music Is The Universal Language". I figured if I ever needed to communicate to other cultures, what better way than to make a mix of tunes that I felt characterized what I'm about. This mix is not really a Jazz mix.  It does have some Jazzy elements, but it's more of a cluster of styles that I still find inspirational to my roots as a DJ. It has some Trip Hop elements, some Downtempo, a little World Beat, and some dark sexy Electronic. It is a pretty mellow mix.  Enjoy!

The pic actually has a pretty cool history to it.  I guess Picasso used to recycle the canvas from pieces of art that he created, but was unsatisfied with. This face was a piece he created, but painted over. Thanks to technology, we are able to see what lies beneath the surface, pretty cool!

Marseillais Du Nord - Cheb Mami
Un Simple Histoire (A Simple History) - Thievery Corporation
Cleopatra In New York Feat. Carol C (Zim Zam Mix) - Nickodemus
Wings Of Santa Lucia - Adani & Wolf
Outro Lado - Zuco 103
Bandy Bandy Feat. Erykah Badu - Zap Mama
Hey Baby - Stephen Marley
Duality - DJ Krush
Don't Stop - Masters Of Groove
Ever Since I Was A Kid (Pt I) - Fink
Nautilus (MAWtilus) - Nuyorican Soul
Shadow - General Midi
Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix) - Billie Holiday
My Torture - Esthero
Music Box - Spylab
Like No Other - As One
Yen - Soul Circuit

Download Tracks Individually Here

NO REQUESTS!" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Old School Broken and Deep Tribal House Mix)

The title of this is pretty straight forward. You got some damn nerve, if you think you are righteous enough to annoy the DJ with your B.S. and ignorance. I have to deal with dumb asses all the time at clubs and various parties. It is always extremely frustrating to deal with.   I simply can not understand why so many people have absolutely no sense, respect, or manners. Here is the latest example:

I was playing at a spot where everyone was enjoying themselves, people were asking me the titles of songs, and giving me props. The energy was really good and wholesome. I was playing some new Brokenbeat tracks, some Nu Jazz (etc), and all my transitions were flawless. Until this one jackass puts me in a funk for the remainder of the night. Sometimes you just can't shake off how ignorance affects your spirits. I usually can disregard morons, but sometimes, people just refuse to stop and think, before they act. It's not like the guy spilled beer on my tables or anything, he was just making stupid requests, and not taking NO for an answer .

As I said before, I was playing new Brokenbeat and some Nu Jazz (etc), and this dude starts requesting Journey, Queen etc. and going down an entire list of music that was so far off from what I was spinning.  I was struggling not to slap him. SERIOUSLY!  NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR "Open Arms" OR "We Will Rock You".  Second of all, when a DJ says "NO", that doesn't mean you should continue to hound him until you get your way, like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. He continues to hound me through a few songs, so finally I play that song "10 Things Not To Say To A DJ" by Andre Harris. I turned the bass down and the mids way up, so the dialog was crystal clear to the entire crowd. Sure enough, he got the hint, grabbed his friends and left.

Then some 60 year old crack headed lady comes into the DJ booth and stands right next to me, staring at me blankly, and asking me if I was the one doing the dialog in the song. She literally asked me at least 10 times after I told her she needed to leave. I have had dozens of other incidents just like this, but these situations still have an impact on the DJ's performance. As a rule of Thumb: DON"T PISS OFF YOUR DJ! If your party is jumpin, why ruin it by being a pain in the ass.

So anyways, after I got pissed off, I started recording my set for some reason. The transitions are a little jagged in a couple spots, because those idiots threw me off, but that's my point. You should never make requests to a DJ, unless you are the one paying them.  At the very least, ask them to play a song that fits the genre they are in, and maybe start off by complimenting them first.  Not only is it a huge disrespect to a DJ's art and soul, to be rude and disrespectful, treating us like slaves, but you are also more than likely going to ask for something totally stupid. Call a damn radio station if you want to hear "Soulja Boy", and you can "Supaman" yo ass straight the fuck home. I'm not a fucking Juke Box.

Listen to that song I mentioned earlier, "10 things not to say to a DJ" by Andre Harris. Every single thing he mentions in the song, I've encountered multiple times, and the song is like a therapy session for DJs.

1-Muzic (7 Samurai Remix)-Leela James
3-Got To Find A Way-Faze Action
4-Tanty-Ian Friday
5-Sunday Showers-Kentphonik
6-Double Blues-Cuica
7-Elle (Alternate Mix)-DJ Gregory
8-Thru The Skies-Kenlou
9-Marbles-Julien Jabre
10-Second Wind-Rise Ashen
11-How's Your Life? (Alix Alvarez Bronx Beatdown Mix)-Tortured Soul
13-Alone Again-Fauna Flash
15-Fish Island-Jimpster

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Bienvenidos" Mixed by DJ IMANI (World Fusion/Brazilian/Latin)

Here's a Tribal/World Fusion mix I made.  It is filled with drums and languages you probably don't know, but these rhythms will make you move your body uncontrollably. I gave this mix to some Deep House heads and they loved it, but the Electro heads just thought it was a downtempo mix, haha.  Gives you some perspective I guess.  My original vision for this mix was to cover multiple continents, but I was feelin the latin vibe the most, so that is the dominating force behind it.

1 - Alegre 2003 - Truby Trio
2 - Criacao - Square One
3 - Manana Por La Manana - Oreja
4 - It's Never Forever - Untitled Orchestra
5 - Watch Them Come (Jazzanova Remix) - Men From The Nile
6 - Zum Zum (Better Days Mix) - BIBl
7 - Dabudei - dZihan & Kamien
8 - Aganju (Spiritual South Bontempi Re-Percussion) - Bebel Gilberto
9 - Unknown Track Title - Unknown Artist
10 - Mambo Herd (Part 1) (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) - Woody Herman
11 - Fantastico - Jazzelicious
12 - Kosmisk Brekt Lapskaus - Dalminjo

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Shattered" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Soulful Broken Beat/Tribal Broken Beat/Afro Beat)

This is a mix I recorded in Oakland, featuring some new and old Brokenbeat tracks.  Tracks 3 and 11, are a two of my favorites.  There are some sexy tunes on here, as well as some straight foot stompers. The Dean Martin remix is a classic, and one of my favorites as well.

1 - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) - Allen Hoist
2 - Hold It Down - 4 Hero Feat. Lady Alma
3 - Paper Chase - Clara Hill Meets Vikter Duplaix
4 - Sway [Rip-Off Artist Remix] - Dean Martin & Julie London
5 - Get Into My Groove (Jazzanova Re-Groove Mix) - Incognito
6 - Come With Me - Alexkid
7 - Try (Fenomenon remix) - Arvid
8 - Rainfall Featuring Omega - J-Boogie
9 - Wind & Sea - At Jazz
10 - Dis-Information - Lanu
11 - The Oldest Story (Swag's New Story Vocal Mix) - P'Taah
12 - California 70 (Extended) - Plankton Man Vs. Terrestre
13 - Hip Hip Chin Chin (Yaziko Club Mix) - Club Des Belugas
14 - Use What You Got Featuring Sonny Akpan - Quantic
15 - Catalina Sunset - Soulphonic Soundsystem
16 - Al Ritmo De Pacha - Pacha Massive
17 - Reachin 4 Da Farside (Misa Negra Remix) - Sk Radicals
18 - Chills' N Thrills - Quant

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Break The Floor" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Electro Funk/80's Breakbeat)

If you ever doubted how fresh I am, here is your swift kick in the ass. You will be wishing you were as cool as I am when you hear what I compiled here. This is a 4 Hour mix of all 80's Breaks. It will have you pop lockin and spinnin on your back.  This is the only Electro Funk mix you will ever need for the rest of your life. Now go worship the Synth, and do the robot!


Artists Include: Davy DMX, Newcleus, Malcolm McLaren, Jonzun Crew, Kraftwerk, Paul Hardcastle, Herbie Hancock, Midnight Star, Afrika Bambaataa, Depeche Mode, GLOBE and Whiz Kid, Herbie Hancock, Shannon, Royal Cash, Yaz, LA Dream Team, Grandmaster Flash, Hashim, Cybotron, Egyptian Lover, Twilight 22, Ice T, Arabian Prince, New Order, Ready For The World, System, Freestyle, Melle Mel, and Many Many More!

"Essence" - Mixed By DJ IMANI (Downtempo and Future Soul)

This is one of the first mixes that I ever recorded. Its a mellow mix with some trip hop flavor, so it has a stronger groove than some of the sleepy downtempo tracks out there. I wanted to make a mix that was a bit different from the typical formula. Most mixes either stay the same BPM throughout, or at least ascend from a slow BPM to a faster BPM.  This mix breaks that model and descends from 100 BPM down to 70 BPM's. It is a little sexy, and a little hip.

 The sound quality starts to slip just a tad towards the very end, but hell, it was one of my first mixes dang it.  I still think it sounds bad ass. This pic is from the Winter Music Conference in Miami 2008, just chillin at the hotel pool with Cherylee. They had a bar that was playing downtempo and it was a nice change of pace from at the crazy nightlife. I was surprised that there was not a bigger lounge scene out there.  I mean, KRIZTAL RECORDS is in Miami... Right?  I guess WMC drowned it all out with House, or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough.

Download Tracks Individually Here

1 - Lickin' - B&B International
2 - Somesing - Sound Tribe Sector 9
3 - Do What You Want - Aya
4 - Modus Operandi - Photek
5 - Tub Scene - David Holmes
6 - Paloora - Miguel Graca
7 - Try Me Featuring Goapele & Capital A - J-Boogie
8 - Rhyemdrop (Mime Remix) - Moodphase 5ive
9 - Whose Blues - Caia
10 - Danger Of Love Feat. Zap Mama - DJ Krush
11 - Cosmopole - Cantoma
12 - Lite - Soul Circuit
13 - Les courants d'air - Grand Tourism feat. Terry Callier
14 - Atlantis - Kosma
15 - Tout Le Monde - Daddy Ous
16 - Color Strip (Warren) - Jimmy Edgar

"Soulful Vibrations" Mixed By DJ IMANI Live in Oakland, CA, April 2008 Part 1 and 2 (Deep Soul/Jazz/Tribal House)

This is a live set I recorded at Soulful Vibrations, the weekly Deep House night we started in early 2007. Its on the chill side, vibrating positive sounds, since the spot is more of a lounge.  I noticed J Boogie used this title for his new album. Coincidence? Who knows.  J Boogie is a cool cat, so it is probably a coincidence, but if he did steal our name, he owes be a drink at the bar. Haha.

CD 1 Tracklist

1 - Mission Of Love - Davidson Ospina
2 - 89 Memory - DJ Rasoul
3 - I Tell The DJ - DJ Deep
4 - You Know It's You (Charles Spencer, Newhouse Edit) - Movido Featuring Li'Sha
5 - Spooky Nice - C Pen
6 - The Shore - Playin For The City
7 - Driftin' - Sun Orchestra Featuring Olivier Portall
8 - Cafe De Flore (Charles Webster's Latin Lovers Mix)- Doctor Rockit
9 - Pump That Body (Deep House Mix) - Mr. Lee
10 - Board Meeting - Charles Spencer
11 - 1, 2 (Reel Soul Mix) - A.G. Thomas
12 - Dentro Mi Alma (Yoruba Soul RMX) - Jazztronik
13 - Into The Blue [4Hero Extended Mix] - Shaun Escoffery

Download Tracks Individually Here For CD 1

CD 2 Tracklist

1 - Seeds Of Life (Dennis Ferrer Mix) Intro - Knu Je
2 - Seeds Of Life (Dennis Ferrer Mix) - Knu Je
3 - Mais linda - Cesar Martinez Ensemble
4 - Latin Seduction - Dj Mfr
5 - Comprar Tiempo (VK's Barrio Mix) - Cordovan
6 - Touched The Sky - Dennis Ferrer
7 - So Good Today - Ben Westbeech
8 - Original Jive - Natural Rhtyhm
9 - Feel The Music - Grant Nelson
10 - Cheap Advice (Chuck Love's Cheap 'n Smoove Mix) - Tim Fuller
11 - Can't Stop - West Magnetic
12 - Even Now - Charles Spencer
13 - Sole On Your Shoes - Eric K. J. Wesenberg
14 - Behind The Shadow - KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE

Download Tracks Individually Here For CD 2

Chill Mini Mix-Mixed By DJ Imani

This is just a half hour of dope ass freshness. You can get some booty to it, smoke a blunt, huff some paint, or molest a Hippo. Whatever you do for leisure, this is some good background music. There is some rare Soul, Trip Hop, World Beat, and Hip Hop all smashed into the time it takes you to drive to work. Its not cut into tracks, so just let it ride.  Love ya'll!

Download the 30 Minute Chill Mix Here

"Return Of The Freak" Mixed By DJ IMANI (2 Step/Broken Beat)

I don't really have an explanation for this mix.  I just felt like making a throwback mix with some 2 step and broken beat.
Download Tracks Individually Here

1 - Pusherman - Bill, Ben and Baggio
2 - Coming Back Around - Domu Presents Pete Simpson
3 - The Rain - Reel People Feat. Sharlene Hector
4 - Serve It Up - Starship Remix - Capitol A
5 - Sincere (Jazzanova Sincerely Yours Remix) - MJ Cole
6 - Sol Searchin' - H Foundation
7 - Drop The Boom - Freestylers
8 - Hold It Down (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - 4 Hero Feat. Lady Alma
9 - Western End (B-15 Remix) - Mr. Vegas
10 - Girls Like Us - B-15 Project
11 - Please Don't Turn Me On (Remix) - Artful Dodger
12 - Woman Trouble (Original Version) - Artful Dodger & Robbie Craig Feat. Craig David
13 - Dig It - Mr Velcro Fastener
14 - Call It Fate - Richie Dan
15 - Hang Around (Hang Around) - Ben Westbeech
16 - Badman & Throbin' (Gabor Deutsch Lovely Vocal Remix) - Minus 8

"The Freak" Mixed by DJ IMANI (Broken Beat/2 Step/Mild Breaks)

This mix is pretty funky, and a little out of character, but its a cool mix. Of course I say that about every mix, but hey, I'm not gonna put music up that I don't like. I'm surprised that 2 Step/Garage didn't really catch on here in the Bay area. I keep hearing how diverse it is in Cali, San Francisco especially, but it's not really true in my opinion. The music scene is not as blooming as one would think. Sure there is a pretty good undergroung scene, but the music is always the same, if not total horse shit, and the clubs suck. If I hear another remix of Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl", I'm gonna run up to the DJ Booth and pull a Chuck Norris on the Douche Bag spinning. Then I'm gonna give the promoter a wedgie that rips his body in half.

2Step/Garage had potential, but was never really embraced out here. The Bay compared to the UK is like that one kid in High School, that is always years behind everyone in style, lingo, fashion (etc). We seem to be the last ones to be hip to different scenes, and by the time it starts to build here, it is already dying out at the source. So we never get a chance to be immersed in the culture. My prediction is the next genre like that will be Dubstep. Mark my words, Dubstep will have a brief explosion, then die, because the Bay area is too concerned with reviving the Hyphy movement. There is even some shit called Crunk-step. That is Retarded! Don't taint brilliant electronic music with ignorance. That's what Ghetto Tech is for.

2 Step was fresh! It was a little prissy at times, especially towards the end when it started to sound like bad Pop music, but overall it had all the elements of good dance music. It was like a fusion of Breaks, Brokenbeat, Deep House, some Ragga/Grime and Soul. Oh well, I pour out a drink to another lost soldier in this crazy music world. This mix has a little 2 step, but not that much, cause I'm not insanely knowledgeable about it.

Download Individual Tracks Here

1 - Slack Society (Featuring Alice Russel) - Dublex Inc.
2 - Hold It Down (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - 4Hero
3 - Word To The Wise - Nos
4 - Spiritual (Opaque Vocal Remix) - Reel People featuring Nathan Haines
5 - Samurai - Jazztronik
6 - Bomb Diggy (Bump 'n' Flex Remix) - Another Level
7 - Jaques Your Bodyrox - Phat Bastard
8 - Freak - Ming + FS
9 - Freak Like Me - Tru Faith Featuring Dub Conspiracy
10 - Freak Break (Scratch Fever Mix B-15) - Lady Saw
11 - Fall Into You (Landslide Dub Remix) - Soulstice
12 - The Big Score - The Fort Knox Five
13 - Tel Aviv - Fauna Flash
14 - Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) - Jazzanova Feat. Valerie Etienne & Rob Gallagher

"Die Roboter" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Electro, Deep Electro House, Broken Beat, Detroit Tech, IDM)

This title is from Kraftwerk. I Idolize them. I was at a gig on a Sunday night and the spot was DEAD! There was no one in there, so I decided to play a bunch of electro stuff I dig, but never really get to spin. I should probably expand my electro funk library since I enjoy it so much, but I never really get gigs where people are down for it.

There is a Karizma remix of Taylor McFerrin's "Georgia" on this mix. He is Bobby McFerrin's Son. Bobby McFerrin had a ton of albums out, but his major hit was "Don't Worry Be Happy". Taylor was the SHIT at Miami's Winter Music Conference when I saw him in 2008. He played at a spot called Jazid, and Daz-I-Que was there, as well as Simbad and Benji B. The place was packed and it was a beautiful night. This was one of the last nights at WMC and we stayed out pretty late, covered in sweat. Taylor was beatboxing and playing keys, while TK Wonder was on stage tearing the vocals apart. Daz-I-Que from Bugz In The Attic was playing some 80's Electro Soul Like Mac Band, Aurra, and some New Jack too. Upstairs, Simbad and Benji B were playing some Rare Groove .

The photo was taken at the How Weird Fest in SF, completely unrelated party, but I just think this is an amazing pic.

Download Tracks Individually Here

1 - Double Shadow - Junior Boys
2 - 124 - Photek
3 - Georgia (Karizma's Bruk It Down Remix) - Taylor McFerrin
4 - Undefeated - As One
5 - Always Be There - Basement Jaxx
6 - Celcius - Swayzak
7 - Bang The Box - Kaos
8 - Remote Transmitter - Japanese Telecom
9 - Cityscapes - Mr. Velcro Fastener
10 - Silikon - Modeselektor
11 - So Let The Wind Come -Kerri Chandler
12 - I'll Do You [Vernon & Dacosta Dub] - Rookie
13 - Just A Lil' Lovin' (DJ Edit) - Jazzanova
14 - EN CODE (AS ONE remix) - Jazztronik
15 - Who's Afraid Of Detroit? - Claude VonStroke
16 - Bleep Freak - FC Kahuna
17 - This Is It - Mr. Velcro Fastener
18 - Kaos And The Wild Guts - Fun Physical
19 - Trainspotting - Sumo Productions
20 - Japanese Animation - Japanese Telecom