"The Universal Language" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Trip Hop, World Beat, Downtempo)

There is a saying that "Music is the universal language". I was listening to a lot of Jazz on KCSM around the time that I made this mix. I heard Chuy (not Chuy Gomez) on his Sunday Brazillian Jazz show mention that "Music Is The Universal Language". I figured if I ever needed to communicate to other cultures, what better way than to make a mix of tunes that I felt characterized what I'm about. This mix is not really a Jazz mix.  It does have some Jazzy elements, but it's more of a cluster of styles that I still find inspirational to my roots as a DJ. It has some Trip Hop elements, some Downtempo, a little World Beat, and some dark sexy Electronic. It is a pretty mellow mix.  Enjoy!

The pic actually has a pretty cool history to it.  I guess Picasso used to recycle the canvas from pieces of art that he created, but was unsatisfied with. This face was a piece he created, but painted over. Thanks to technology, we are able to see what lies beneath the surface, pretty cool!

Marseillais Du Nord - Cheb Mami
Un Simple Histoire (A Simple History) - Thievery Corporation
Cleopatra In New York Feat. Carol C (Zim Zam Mix) - Nickodemus
Wings Of Santa Lucia - Adani & Wolf
Outro Lado - Zuco 103
Bandy Bandy Feat. Erykah Badu - Zap Mama
Hey Baby - Stephen Marley
Duality - DJ Krush
Don't Stop - Masters Of Groove
Ever Since I Was A Kid (Pt I) - Fink
Nautilus (MAWtilus) - Nuyorican Soul
Shadow - General Midi
Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix) - Billie Holiday
My Torture - Esthero
Music Box - Spylab
Like No Other - As One
Yen - Soul Circuit

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