NO REQUESTS!" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Old School Broken and Deep Tribal House Mix)

The title of this is pretty straight forward. You got some damn nerve, if you think you are righteous enough to annoy the DJ with your B.S. and ignorance. I have to deal with dumb asses all the time at clubs and various parties. It is always extremely frustrating to deal with.   I simply can not understand why so many people have absolutely no sense, respect, or manners. Here is the latest example:

I was playing at a spot where everyone was enjoying themselves, people were asking me the titles of songs, and giving me props. The energy was really good and wholesome. I was playing some new Brokenbeat tracks, some Nu Jazz (etc), and all my transitions were flawless. Until this one jackass puts me in a funk for the remainder of the night. Sometimes you just can't shake off how ignorance affects your spirits. I usually can disregard morons, but sometimes, people just refuse to stop and think, before they act. It's not like the guy spilled beer on my tables or anything, he was just making stupid requests, and not taking NO for an answer .

As I said before, I was playing new Brokenbeat and some Nu Jazz (etc), and this dude starts requesting Journey, Queen etc. and going down an entire list of music that was so far off from what I was spinning.  I was struggling not to slap him. SERIOUSLY!  NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR "Open Arms" OR "We Will Rock You".  Second of all, when a DJ says "NO", that doesn't mean you should continue to hound him until you get your way, like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. He continues to hound me through a few songs, so finally I play that song "10 Things Not To Say To A DJ" by Andre Harris. I turned the bass down and the mids way up, so the dialog was crystal clear to the entire crowd. Sure enough, he got the hint, grabbed his friends and left.

Then some 60 year old crack headed lady comes into the DJ booth and stands right next to me, staring at me blankly, and asking me if I was the one doing the dialog in the song. She literally asked me at least 10 times after I told her she needed to leave. I have had dozens of other incidents just like this, but these situations still have an impact on the DJ's performance. As a rule of Thumb: DON"T PISS OFF YOUR DJ! If your party is jumpin, why ruin it by being a pain in the ass.

So anyways, after I got pissed off, I started recording my set for some reason. The transitions are a little jagged in a couple spots, because those idiots threw me off, but that's my point. You should never make requests to a DJ, unless you are the one paying them.  At the very least, ask them to play a song that fits the genre they are in, and maybe start off by complimenting them first.  Not only is it a huge disrespect to a DJ's art and soul, to be rude and disrespectful, treating us like slaves, but you are also more than likely going to ask for something totally stupid. Call a damn radio station if you want to hear "Soulja Boy", and you can "Supaman" yo ass straight the fuck home. I'm not a fucking Juke Box.

Listen to that song I mentioned earlier, "10 things not to say to a DJ" by Andre Harris. Every single thing he mentions in the song, I've encountered multiple times, and the song is like a therapy session for DJs.

1-Muzic (7 Samurai Remix)-Leela James
3-Got To Find A Way-Faze Action
4-Tanty-Ian Friday
5-Sunday Showers-Kentphonik
6-Double Blues-Cuica
7-Elle (Alternate Mix)-DJ Gregory
8-Thru The Skies-Kenlou
9-Marbles-Julien Jabre
10-Second Wind-Rise Ashen
11-How's Your Life? (Alix Alvarez Bronx Beatdown Mix)-Tortured Soul
13-Alone Again-Fauna Flash
15-Fish Island-Jimpster

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