"The 86 Train" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Deep Latin House)

This mix is for all of you trainwrecking, buster ass DJs out there.  I had to make a new mix after going out last Saturday night. I just can't help but get fed up and frustrated at DJ's that simply can not mix to save their life! I can't count on my fingers (or toes) the amount of DJ's I've heard that just do not know how to beat match. It absolutely boggles my mind! I'm not merely talking about rookie DJs either, No No No, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt with a "Get Outta Jail Free" card. I'm talking about HEADLINERS!!!

Now in order to keep the peace I will not mention names, but if you saw me out on Saturday, you know exactly who I am talking about. I'm not trying to black list myself with other DJ's, so I'm not going to mention specifics, but there is a fat roster of DJ's that I've heard who always trainwreck. I'm also perplexed that these shitty ass DJ's are pulling in thousands of dollars a night.

These are unfortunately also some of my favorite producers, and promoters that are guilty as charged, and should refund my admission personally, like I had a receipt at WalMart. If I'm paying between $10 and $30, you better damn well be sure that I intend to hear top quality from those speakers.  When I hear bad mixing, it makes me cringe.  It's like nails on a chalk board to me. Once in a set is fine, but repeatedly?  That's inexcusable, especially at the rates they are charging.

I think the problem is that these so called "DJ's", are not really DJ's. They are only producers and promoters. They usually suck behind the decks, even though they have built a strong fan base. They blew up too fast, but never actually had DJ experience, or have never performed for a crowd.  Now they are getting booked for shows, and even though they are not ready, they don't want to turn down money.  Especially because they are probably not making money with all the piracy.

I swear to freakin Allah, Jehovah, and Lucifer, that I've even seen crowds of hundreds cheering them on, as if they are actually doing something.  Meanwhile they are just butchering the sound waves and my ear drums. I'd rather listen to a handful of marbles thrown into a garbage disposal. Their mixing sounds like 3 shoes in a Dryer. I just don't get It. The first thing you learn as a DJ is how to mix. Even if I'm at a wedding, I expect to hear the DJ mixing. If you merely Fade Up/Fade Down tracks, YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING DJ! There are rules to this game, and if you can't follow them, you might as well hang up your headphones.

I have only been spinning since 2004, but there are some 15 year veteran DJs, that are making mistakes that an amateur would make. Here are the four basic elements of a DJ: #1-Music Selection, #2-Learn To Mix, #3-Read The Crowd, #4-Promote Yourself.  One weak link in this chain, and all bets are off.

This is my call out mix to all the DJ's that consistently trainwreck! You all need to be 86'ed from every club until you can learn to mix.  I'm not talking about masking the problem with cheap tricks either. If you are constantly getting on the mic to hide the mix, or just constantly scratching in the next tune, like you have a rash, than you need some more training young Jedi.

1 - Candela - John Beltran
2 - Magia (Faze Action Horny Mix) - Banda Black Rio
3 - Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) - Masters At Work Feat. Luis Salinas
4 - Carib's Leap (MKDVJC Twisted Main Mix) - Ian Friday
5 - Macumba Walele - BIBI
6 - Samba Consumo (CrisP mix) - Sumo
7 - Future Paradise - Yosaku
8 - Never Seen It Comin - Mudfoot Jones
9 - Theorema Del Faya - Anto Vitale (Ian Friday Tea Party Mix)
10 - Like A Sunshine, My Memory [EOL Mix] - PUSHIM
11 - Stargazer - KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Weather Storm" - Mixed By Imani (Deep and Darker House and some Soul Brokenbeat)

Weather Storm was mixed on a rainy night. There was a really lonely feeling in the air cause it had been pouring all week. There was a travelling carnival in town, in this big open field, and every time I passed by it, it was barren. No one wants to be walking around in the mud, and slipping on the ride's steel walkways and stairs. Everyone was dreary eyed in the bar and seemed reserved. I've been suffering from some serious back pain myself, so I needed some heavy beats to get my mind off of this misery. Miami's WMC 2009 is only a couple of weeks away, so that should help. I wanted to get insanely dark with this one, but I figured it wouldn't work with the tiny crowd that was at this gig. 

There are a few upbeat tracks to keep some variety to the mix, and a couple of old favorites. My goal was to make a mix that would be good for background on a rainy night, just relaxing, or a late night rendezvous. It wasn't exactly as I had intended, but that happens with live mixes, especially when people are coming up to the DJ Booth to chat, compliment, complain or whatever. You still are spinning for a crowd, and need to read their body language, and cater to their moods.  It tends to distract and alter the recording process, and in my case, sometimes it switches my mood.  The worst is when drunk asses keep coming up and bothering me with requests.  People who make stupid requests are worse than someone punching a surgeon in the arm as they are tediously giving laser eye surgery. Or someone who is on their cell phone during a moment of silence at a funeral. You've got to have nerves of a champion if that shit wouldn't get to you.

Anyhow, I love the song Weather Storm by Massive Attack, so that is where I got the title, even though that track is not on this mix.

1 - Astrology - Blaze
2 - Be With You (DHP Mix) - Carolyn Harding
3 - Japan - Neurotron
4 - Hiya Kaya (Rocco Deep Mix) - Kentphonik feat. Khensy
5 - Mirror Dance - Afefe Iku
6 - The Rite Place - Blakkat
7 - Illuminations - Ski Oakenfull
8 - The Oldest Story (Swag's New Story Vocal Mix) - P'Taah
9 - Paper Chase - Clara Hill Meets Vikter Duplaix
10 - Like Rain (Nomumbah Remix) - Tamara Wellons
11 - On My Heart (Dub) - Isoul8 Feat. Paul Randolph
12 - Drifting Away (Nacho Marco Remix) - Chubby Dubz
13 - Deep House Soul (Vas & Mr Jones Remix) - Vas Floyd

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