2 New Mixes

I made 2 new mixes on the chill side. One is an all 90's slow jam mix, the other one is more up to date with my style. It's called Scrolls of Prayer and Divine Wisdom. I thought of the name because I was inspired by a documentary I saw about these rock climbers that went to Tibet to explore the abandoned cliff caves. I thought of the name because they found these mysterious scrolls in one of the caves, and the documentary ended without them translating the ancient (maybe forgotten) language. I think they were scrolls of prayer and divine wisdom.  The title isn't that fitting with the style of the mix, but whatever.  Just enjoy it.

DJ Imani-Scrolls of Prayer and Divine Wisdom

1-Brown Sugar (Destrements Mix)-D'Angelo
2-Bath Music-Greyboy
3-Painted Picture-The Commodores
4-Work It-Teena Marie
5-Licorice-MF Doom
6-Passin' Me By (Fly As Pie Remix)-The Pharcyde
7-One More Chance-Michael Jackson Feat. Sean Paul
8-Take It Back (Original)-12th Floor
9-Storm King-Bob James
10-Ope (Space)-Madlib the Beat Konducta
11-Bad Times-Gerard McManon
12-Counting Stars-Nujabes
14-Jojo-Boz Scaggs
15-City Girl-Main Attraction
16-Bingo-The Whispers
17-Dreaming Of You-The Blackbyrds
18-Inner City Life (Baby Boys Remix)-Goldie
19-Xtasy 4 Ladies-DJ Cam
20-Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks-Arts The Beatdoctor
21-Cherry Pie-Sade
22-The Out Of Towner-Ben Human
23-Love To Love You Baby (Tom Novy & The Gran' Flow Mix)-Tom Tom Club
24-I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down-Ann Peebles
25-Sun Dancer-Mass Production
26-So Long-Mr. Scruff

90's slow jam mix:

1-In My Bed-Dru Hill
2-4 Page Letter-Aaliyah
3-Uhh Ahh-Boyz II Men
4-Tell Me Do You Wanna-Ginuwine
5-My Love Is The Shh-Something For The People
6-Any Time, Any Place (R. Kelly Single Edit)-Janet Jackson
7-You And I-Jodeci
8-Something In Your Eyes-Bell Biv DeVoe
9-I Don't Want To Cry-Mariah Carey
10-Pretty Brown Eyes-Mint Condition
11-Seven Whole Days-Toni Braxton
12-Before I Let You G-Blackstreet
13-I Can't Believe-112 Feat. Faith Evans
14-Take Our Time-TLC
15-Slow Down-Mary J. Blige
16-Use Your Heart-SWV
17-When A Woman's Fed Up-R. Kelly
18-Don't Let Go (Love)-En Vogue
19-Whatever You Want-Tony! Toni! Toné!



I took 18 of my Mashups and made a mix. Here ya go!

1)Elevators/Siempre Hay Esperanza/Jazzy Belle - Outkast/Sade/Outkast
2)The Way We Were (Try To Remember)/La La - Gladys Knight & The Pips/Slum Village Feat DJ Dez
3)I Love Your Girl/Suzuki - The Dream/Tosca
4)Shimmy Shimmy Ya/Modus Operandi - Ol Dirty Bastard/Photek
5)Juicy/ATLiens/If I Ruled The World/You're A Customer/Mass Appeal/Rebirth Of Slick/Friends - Notorious B.I.G./Outkast/Nas Feat. Lauryn Hill/EPMD/Gangstarr/Digable Planets/Whodini
6)Just A Lil Bit/Stepped Into My Life - 50 Cent/Bee Gees
7)Swing Brother Swing/Gibby Music - Billie Holiday/Apollo Grooves/Wynton Marsalis
8)Lollipop/Moments In Love/Crank That - Lil Wayne/Art Of Noise/Soulja Boy
9)Bang Bang/Nintendo Track - Nancy Sinatra/Nintendo
10)In Bloom/93 Til Infinity - Nirvana/Souls Of Mischief
11)Joints and Jam Bossa/Quo Vadis Samba (Butti 49 Remix)/La Vida Es Un Carnaval - Black Eyed Peas/Dusko Gojkovic/Celia Cruz
12)Don't Turn Back/Never as Good as The First Time/Give It Up - Colby O Donis/Sade/Sade
13)Heatwave/Maniac/Make It Hot - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas/Michael Sembello/Nicole
14)Jam On It/Universal Mind Control/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Newleus/Common/Daft Punk
15)Lose Control/Play Dat Beat/Numbers/Clear - Missy Eliot/G.L.O.B.E & Whiz Kid/Kraftwerk/Cybotron
16)Enough/Mirror Dance - Gil Scott-Heron/Afefe Iku
17)Get It Shawty/Funk Me/Sensual Seduction - Lloyd/Marvin Gaye/Snoop Dogg
18)Buy You A Drank/Cheers Theme/Lets Get Drunk And Screw - T-Pain/TV Theme/Snoop Dogg/Jimmy Buffet

We Had Him - Mixed By DJ Imani (Deep/Soul/Latin/Broken/Remixed House)

Its been almost a month since Michael Jackson passed and I finally started to listen to some other music. This past month, all I listened to, was his music. Hell, he had a catalogue big enough to do so.  It will be a long time before we have another person that will so deeply impact the world. He was a God like King, such as Xerxes, and probably equally flamboyant.  He was the Mozart of our time.

I pulled out the Jacksons album "Triumph" the other day, (the one that had the singles "Can You Feel It" and "Heartbreak Hotel"), the back cover has a statement about peacocks, written by Michael Jackson: "Through the ages, the peacock has been honored and praised for its attractive, illustrious beauty. In all the bird family, the peacock is the only species that integrates all colors into one, and displays this radiance of fire only when in love. We, like the peacock, try to integrate all races into one, through the love and power of music"

If he viewed himself (well, the Jackson Five actually), as a peacock, then the rest of the world surely viewed MJ as a phoenix. A phoenix is a mythical bird with a colourful plumage and a purple and gold tail. Near the end of its life, it builds itself a nest of myrrh twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again.

He is still alive today in our hearts, minds, spirits, iPods, CD players, and record players. In his rebirth, he will live forever.

 I recorded this mix with Mike on my mind.  It's not really a dedication to him, and it only has one song of his on it, which is a remix, but it does pay my respects to the man. I used samples of the poem Queen Latifah read at MJ's memorial, written by Maya Angelou entitled "We Had Him".

Here it is in its entirety.

"Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing, now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind. Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace. Sing our songs among the stars and walk our dances across the face of the moon. In the instant we learn that Michael is gone, we know nothing. No clocks can tell our time and no oceans can rush our tides."

"With the abrupt absence of our treasure, though we are many, each of us is achingly alone, piercingly alone. Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him. He came to us from the creator, trailing creativity in abundance. Despite the anguish of life, he was sheathed in mother love, and family love, and survived, and did not more than that, he thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style."

"We had him whether we knew who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his. We had him, beautiful, delighting our eyes. He raked his hat, slant over his brow, and took a pose on his toes for all of us, and we laughed and stomped our feet, for him. We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing. He gave us all he had been given. Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana's Black Star Square. In Johannesburg and Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama, and Birmingham, England We are missing Michael Jackson."

"But we do know we had him, and we are the world."

1 - My Love Is On Fire (DJ Spinna Remix) - Stevie Wonder
2 - Precious - Spencer Gray
3 - My Joy (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix) - Leela James
4 - Am I Crazy - Marc Evans
5 - Sonando Contigo (Original Mix) - Kiko Navarro
6 - Hay Craneo (Urban Magic Mix) - Soneros Del Barrio Feat. Frankie Vasquez
7 - Hunter (Fk-Ek Vocal Mix) - Dido
8 - Kissing Strangers Feat. Monique Bingham (DJ Le Roi & Ray Jones Dub Mix) - Ralf Gum
9 - Outta Love featuring Omar (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Remix) - Reel People Feat. Omar
10 - Music Sounds So Good With You (Anto Vitale Remix/DJ Rork Club Edit) - Steven Stone Feat. David B. Whitley
11 - Keep Rising (Main Mix) - The Temple Dynasty
12 - Blood On My Hands (Whatever Happens) Quentin Harris Remix - Michael Jackson


Farewell Tribute To My King! 5 Hour Dedication Mix to MICHAEL JACKSON by DJ Imani


On Thursday June 25th, 2009 the King left us. Right now, it's June 29th and I still can't stop getting teary eyed. I know it seems ridiculous to be so upset by the death of a celebrity, but a piece of my life died with the King. He was more than just a pop star to me, he is like family. I spent more time with MJ than anyone else in my life, figuratively of course. He (his music) was always there when I needed it.

 The media destroyed him and it makes me think... since the media is fueled by the general public, and they are feeding us all the King's drama by the bowl full, is it because people want it?  Yes, hell yeah they do, but I don't get how people can say they love him, and build him up to be the most famous musician of all time, yet get a kick out of watching his pain and suffering. The same people that laugh at his "wacky" lifestyle, and yearn for more degrading news on his life, are the same people that dance to the his music, and are now upset that he is dead. All of the hypocritical bastards that love to let it bleed can kiss my hairy ass crack! YOU KILLED MY KING!

 I'm a little too upset right now to continue writing about the million things that I want to say about the man that inspired my love of music, which is the biggest inspiration in my life. All I can say is my King is free now! I needed to express my feelings the best way I could, so I dedicated a 5 hour set to the best thing that ever happened to music, Michael Jackson! On Friday June 26th I recorded my heart, soul and sorrows. Here is a copy of that live tribute. When I can concentrate better I will write more on this momentous and unbearable loss.Ok, today is July 1st, and I can write a little more now. NBC news came out to "support" me last Friday during my set. They did a live segment while I spun. The camera man pissed me off though! He had the nerve to say "When I turn the lights and cameras on, make sure you have a really popular track playing in the background that people will recognize".  Fuck that punk bitch, this is my shit!  I said "Naw man, I'll play what I want"  He looked at me kind of puzzled, but I think he understood that I was actually upset by the loss, not just some asshole that only knows Thriller.  I'm a true fan, not just some DJ pulling a publicity stunt, so to spite him, I played a track instead called "Tabloid Junkie" instead, which basically says FUCK THE MEDIA!  I think Mike would have got  kick out of that.

 The media portrayed him as a total demon for their ratings, but just because he was different (or special) doesn't mean he needed to be ridiculed. He was a sensitive musical savant, and extremely eccentric, but that doesn't give anyone the right to gawk at him and eventually destroy him.  Everyone has issues, so before you yell "Witch Craft!", and burn someone at the stake, go take a good look at yourself and see how fucked in the head you are.

 Jesus Christ, I almost forgot about this shit... Later on in the night on Friday, some dumb ass bitch comes up to the DJ booth and says, "Hey, aren't you gonna play any Michael Jackson?" I almost cut her fuckin head off with one of the dozen MJ records I had propped up along the outside of the DJ booth on display. I had been playing nothing but MJ and J5 the whole damn night, but she only knew the major Billboard Hits. It's those bone-headed oblivious sheep that are destroying our music scene and are spoon fed whatever the media gives them. I'm so sick of these blind morons who can't look beyond the surface.  Before MJ died, she was probably one of those people talking shit and laughing about how weird he is and how he like to molest kids! Now all of a sudden she loves him, but doesn't even know his music that is right in front of her face.  Dumb cunt! I still have a bunch of stuff to say, but I'm getting all worked up again.  I'll report back in a couple days or so...Its July 3rd now, and I think this will be my final entry on my feelings over the loss of the King. It has been over a week since the news spread like wild fire.  I still get teary eyed every day, and I can not stop listening to Mike's music. He was my hero, and I never once gave it any thought that he was a monster. I was up til 6am last night, watching his videos on YouTube, and I started watching the interview with Martin Bashir called "Living With Michael Jackson" It's a good interview, but Martin is trying to subtly demonize, Michael.

 Anyone with an ounce of a Soul can see that Mike was one of the most kind hearted, shy, mistreated, and caring human beings any society could ask for.  (His death must finally be settling in my mind, cause I'm starting to refer to him in past tense more frequently) Everyone in the media that followed him around constantly, hounding him with pictures and never giving him a moment of peace or freedom, and treated him like an object rather than a human, turned him into a sheltered, scared, lonely man. The only people that did not judge him were his kids. You see footage of him with children and they all look up to him, and treat him as a friend. They respect him and treat him like an actual human being.  They talk to him about normal stuff like he is just another person.  They aren't fainting and crying, and begging for autographs and photos. How can anyone be sane when they can't even have normal human interactions, and form regular bonds with people.  There was nowhere on this planet he could go alone, and no person he could talk to that wouldn't get all crazy and star struck over him.  Who can live like that?

I know the whole "sleeping in the same bed as kids" thing is weird to us, but that is because WE are tainted as a society.  We just assume that he is trying to fuck those kids, but that shit is absurd!  MJ is like a little kid inside.  There is a reason he was so obsessed with Peter Pan.  It's because he is a real life Pete Pan who never got to grow up.  No one ever worried about us kids sleeping in the same bed together during sleep overs.  All I can say is that no one knows the truth, yet people were so quick to pass judgement without knowing a damn thing.  Well I got news for you, this man is the most famous man in the world, besides Jesus, who may or may not be a fictional character.  If we allowed a child molester to be the most popular person in the world, what does that say about our world?  I'm not saying MJ was Jesus by any means, but there are so many parallels in their lives.  They both died early, were hated, yet loved by many, had little, to no relationships with women, and will live on forever.

MJ was an inspiration to everyone, and we should be following his example instead of burning him at the stake. I slept in the same bed as my father til I was probably 10 because I loved him. There was no sexual foul play, and it wasn't weird.   It's just some shit kids do.  MJ was like a father to many of those kids.  He slept on the floor mostly anyway, whenever he had sleep overs.  The media just blew it out of context when they heard kids had slept in his bed.  Just because our interpretation of love is so tainted and dirty, doesn't mean we should judge the man because his idea of love is pure.  He loved these kids because they didn't judge him, and they were the only people he could be himself around and be comfortable.

In that interview with Martin Bashir, MJ starts climbing a tree and Martin acts like Mj lost his fucking mind, but what the hell is wrong with taking the time out in a day to just enjoy climbing a freakin tree?  We are really screwed if we can't even do that anymore.  On a side note, did you ever see that video of Mike in his 40's, where he went to the grocery store for the first time since he was like 8 years old, and it was like the most fun he had ever had.  They had to shut the whole store down, because it is Michael Jackson after all, and he was having a blast just putting bread and shit in his shopping cart.  Imagine if that was your life...  to have everything in the world, but the most simple of things that many take for granted, can't even be experienced by a King.  It's really sad.

  MJ never had a chance to be young so he never had a chance to grow up either. There were many lessons in life that just passed him by because he was sheltered, yet no one wanted to correct him on faults because he is essentially a God of sorts.  What kind of person would you be if you never had any conflicts?

There are many people like him, that are adults, who act really immature for their age, but he was just an extreme case.  Then people ask why he never hooked up with girls. Well duh, if he's a kid inside, it's kind of self explanatory right?  I know my dick wasn't getting hard when I was 10.  He had women all over him since he was like 8 or 9. Don't boys think girls are gross at that age?  You know, the whole cooties thing?  Well if Mike never really grew up mentally, he probably grew up being asexual.

I can go on and on forever about MJ cause I've been a die hard fan of his for almost 20 years.  Enough of a fan that I would treat him like a normal person if I ever had the chance to meet him.  I'd say, "What's up Mike?  How it going?" then wait and see if we could talk like normal people.  He probably wouldn't give a fuck, but I'd shake his hand and move along.  No autograph, no picture, no long speech about how much I idolize him, no crying, no fainting, no screaming, none of that shit.

I have many more things to say, but I think I've ranted enough.  I guess I'll end by saying that throughout history, the people at the top, and the people that are the most loving, suffer terrible judgements by people whose hearts are filled with hate, and can not understand the concept of pure unconditional love.  You will be missed for the rest of my life Mike, and I don't think I will ever be able to hear another song of yours without getting just a tad emotional.  You took a piece of my soul with you to the afterlife and I am insanely grateful that your spirit was allowed to exist in this world.

You are at peace now my friend.

Alright, I thought I was finished writing, but today (June 7th, 2009) was Michael Jackson's final farewell. I watched the televised memorial at my Grandma's house with my cousin, her husband and 2 kids. We were soggy eyed the whole time, but one of my lil baby cousins, ironically named Michael, had me thinking...

I was bouncing this adorable 2 year old up and down on my knee, while fighting back a tsunami of grief, and I started thinking about how precious life is. Here I am with this amazing child named Michael that is so full of life and happiness, and making me cheer up with his curiosity and laughter, but deep inside I am crushed by the outcome of another Michael. I guess it is the unpredictable, inevitable cycle of life. With the tragedy of one loss, comes the wonder and splendor of a new life.

 I am still having some trouble coping with the loss of my inspiration.  I've been so uninspired to spin, buy music, go out, among other things.  I'm sure in time, the grief will pass, and actually end up inspiring me in a totally different direction.

There were many touching moments in the memorial. Queen Latifah spoke eloquently, reading a poem by Maya Angelou, and it was really special to me that she was there, because the first concert I ever went to was a Queen Latifah concert. I am only 27 so my introduction to Michael Jackson was in the early 90's, but he still had a strong impact and influence on a 9 year old boy in 1991.  I used to record his videos onto VHS from MTV, then play them back while dancing around my living room, trying to mimic his dance moves.  I was so excited when I got my first CD Player, and the first two CD's I bought were Michael Jackson's "Dangerous", and Mariah Carey's first album. So it was a tear jerker to see her on stage re-united with Trey Lorenz as well. I could tell by the flutter in her voice that she was fighting back her emotions. (No Pun intended)

 When my mom gave me her old record player, I ran out of the house and bought 3 used records. MJ's Thriller, Bad, and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I played those records like crazy for years.

 Today at the memorial Al Sharpton made me straight up cry.  I couldn't help it. What he said to his children was some real ass shit.  He said "There was nothing strange about your Daddy.  It was strange what he had to deal with". Magnificent! Nuff Said! Smokey was lookin fly and was real genuine in his speech, with true class. Magic Johnson was really down to earth.  John Mayer did not even need to say a word. He just walked out, played "Human Nature" on the guitar, and walked out.  He said it all with his talents.  He spoke clearer than the deepest poet, with that move.

 I used to hate the song "Will You be There" (aka the Free Willy song) growing up because it was over played, and the movie sucked ass, but Jennifer Hudson did a beautiful job of making me appreciate it. Of course Stevie Wonder was amazing.  He played a couple of songs that I don't know, "I never dreamed you'd leave in summer" and "My destiny" Usher laid his hand on the casket (I'm sure MJ wasn't actually in there) and blessed Michael with "Gone Too Soon". Berry Gordy was great, and tried to keep the spirit of celebration, instead of sorrow. Lionel Richie had his beautiful gospel song, and my heart was so heavy when they brought Mike in, and the choir was singing at the beginning of the ceremony.

 Jermaine was strong enough to sing what was apparently Mike's favorite song from a Charlie Chaplin movie called "Smile".  It's a pretty deep tune.  You should look up the lyrics.  Brooke Shields was crumbling during her speech.  Can't blame her for that.  Dr. Martin Luther King's kids had a very touching speech, and Michael's daughter Paris spoke briefly, but Marlon Jackson touched me the most. 

He was probably the closest in the family to Mike.  They are similar in age, and he said that with his passing, Michael can now be left alone.  I'm pretty sure that's what everyone was thinking, but didn't want to say it.

The press and media can no longer harass and torment him. MJ jokes are pretty much off limits at this point.  It will be many many years before I can look back on this time with a smile. I know that it should be a celebration of life and all, but I miss him too much to be positive just yet. A large piece of me died on June 25th, 2009. I have been so deeply impacted by a man that never even knew I existed, but I do know that he would have treated me like a human being and a friend. With my undying respect and admiration, may my brother Michael finally be at peace.


1) Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson
2) Heartbreaker Feat. FATS - Michael Jackson
3) Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover) - Jim McMillen
4) Ready Or Not (Here I Come) - The Jackson 5
5) Break Of Dawn - Michael Jackson
6) Got To Be There - Michael Jackson
7) All That I Got Is You (Sampled Jackson 5's "Maybe Tomorrow")
Ghostface Killah Feat. Mary J Blige
8) They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson
9) Come Together (Beatles Cover) - Michael Jackson
10) Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Michael Jackson Cover) - Derrick Laro And Trinity
11) Keep On Keepin On Feat. Xscape (Sampled Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl) - MC Lyte
12) It's Your Thing ('95 Extended Remix) - The Jackson 5
13) Right Here (Remix) (Sampled Michael Jackson's "Human Nature") - SWV
14) Human Nature - Michael Jackson
15) You Rock My World - Michael Jackson
16) Heartbreak Hotel - The Jacksons
17) The Girl Is Mine (2008 Remix) - Michael Jackson Feat. Will.i.am
18) O.P.P. (Sampled Jackson 5's "ABC") - Naughty By Nature
19) I Want You Back (Z Trip Remix) - Jackson 5
20) Speed Demon - Michael Jackson
21) Billie Jean (2008 Kanye West Remix) - Michael Jackson
22) Get It Together - The Jackson 5
23) Who Is It - Michael Jackson
24) Whatzupwitu - Eddie Murphy Feat. Michael Jackson
25) Moving Violation - The Jackson 5
26) I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson
27) 2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix) - Michael Jackson
28) Rock With You (Michael Jackson Cover) - Brandy & Heavy D
29) Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover) - Ian Brown
30) Another Part Of Me - Michael Jackson
31) This Time Around Feat. Notorious B.I.G - Michael Jackson
32) Liberian Girl - Michael Jackson
33) Letter to My Unborn (Sampled Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl") - Tupac
34) Scream (Scream Louder-Flyte Tyme Remix) - Michael Jackson Feat. Janet Jackson
35) Show You The Way To Go - The Jacksons
36) P.Y.T. (2008 Remix) - Michael Jackson Feat. will.i.am
37) I Can't Help It (Tanhoterje Remix) - Michael Jackson
38) Baby Be Mine - Michael Jackson
39) Tabloid Junkie - Michael Jackson
40) In The Closet - Michael Jackson
41) The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
42) Body Language (Do The Love Dance) - The Jackson 5
43) The Love You Save - The Jackson 5
44) Blame It On The Boogie - The Jacksons
45) Dangerous - Michael Jackson
46) Money (Fire Island Remix) - Michael Jackson
47) Dancing Machine (Miami Mix) - The Jackson 5
48) Everybody - Jacksons
49) Say Say Say (12" Version) - Paul McCartney Feat. Michael Jackson
50) Burn This Disco Out - Michael Jackson
51) Centipede - Rebbie Jackson Feat. Michael Jackson
52) Get It - Stevie Wonder Feat. Michael Jackson
53) Off The Wall - Michael Jackson
54) Just Good Friends - Michael Jackson Feat. Stevie Wonder
55) Remember The Time (E-Smoove's Late Night Remix) - Michael Jackson
56) Whatever Happens (Quentin Harris Blood On My Hands Remix) - Michael Jackson
57) Rock With You (Reel Soul Remix) - Michael Jackson
58) Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix) - Michael Jackson
59) Lady In My Life (Timmy Regisford & Quentin Harris-Shelter Remix) - Michael Jackson
60) Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (2008 Remix) - Michael Jackson Feat. Akon
61) What You Don't Know - The Jackson 5
62) Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - The Jacksons
63) Honey Love - The Jackson 5
64) Bad (Michael Jackson Cover) - Jim McMillen
65) Ease On Down The Road (From The Movie "The Wiz") - Michael Jackson & Diana Ross
66) Music's Takin' Over - The Jacksons
67) Get On The Floor - Michael Jackson
68) Leave Me Alone - Michael Jackson
69) Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell Feat. Michael Jackson
70) Can You Feel It - Jacksons
71) P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - Michael Jackson
72) Billie Jean/My Love (Mashup By Coma R) - Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake
73) Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson
74) Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson Cover) - Alien Ant Farm
75) Can't Get Outta The Rain (B-Side) - Michael Jackson
76) The Life Of The Party - The Jackson 5
77) Working Day And Night - Michael Jackson
78) Beat It Feat. Eddie Van Halen - Michael Jackson
79) It's Too Late to Change the Time - The Jackson 5
80) One More Chance (Remix with Sean Paul) – Michael Jackson
81) I'll Be There (Jackson 5 Cover) - Mariah Carey Feat. Trey Lorenz
82) I'll Be There - The Jackson 5
83) Why - 3T Feat. Michael Jackson
84) Heaven Can Wait - Michael Jackson
85) Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson 5

DJ Imani "Sensations" (Deep Soul House and Remixes)

Finally, my first mix of strictly Deep, Soulful House.  No Brokenbeat or Latin House in this one, like most of my others. Well I take it back, there are 2 Latin tracks, but just a little taste. I couldn't help myself.  Speaking of not being able to help myself, the model in this pic is the Bamboo Vixen at an event called Club For A Cure. It was a night where all the door money went to breast cancer research. I wouldn't mind researching the Bamboo Vixen's breasts a bit more, haha.  Wait, did I say that out loud?

I think I'm starting to focus on more upbeat tracks when I spin, like the ones in this mix. The world of Downtempo is starting to fade. I know I've said it before, sorry for sounding like a broken record.  Pun anyone???

I would love to keep spinning some Trip Hop at happy hours or lounges, but people want to dance. I am also noticing that it is getting harder and harder to find high quality tunes. Maybe I'm getting old, but so much music fuckin sucks right now, and that's in many genres. I go to Stompy.com or Traxsource.com and it is so saturated with bad music that it takes me forever to find the gems that I'm looking for. Maybe piracy has forced these great producers to get day jobs to make ends meet, therefore leaving them little time to produce. I think we really fucked ourselves here. There are so many record labels going out of business, and pretty soon the only record stores that will be open will be the massive ones like Amoeba that mainly sell used music, or these mega chains like Target or Best Buy that only sell new Pop/Radio hits, or $5 greatest hits CDs from Queen and Rod Stewart.

I went into Rasputins the other day, and they are selling porno now!?!?  Is that what it has come to to survive?!?!  When they started selling posters and T-shirts, then movies and video games, it made sense, but fucking porn??? (or butt fucking porn, hahaha)

Besides all that, I spent hours in the Electronic section and it was full of garbage. You probably won't see me in a record store anymore when I can go on amazon.com and download a song for a dollar. I'm done spending 4 hours of my time at a record store flipping through trash.  I used to do all my research and purchasing at record stores, now it just wastes my time. I used to spend entire days in record stores and walk out with bags of music. Now I walk in and it takes me forever just to find a single CD I like.

These record stores fucked up, for me at least.  Instead of focusing on making the music consumer happy, they just decided to start selling all these other mediums to bring more customers in.  PORNO FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!  If they had better music buyers bringing in better quality, instead of just the billboard charters, they'd still have customers.  They also need to improve on those old, broken down, shitty listening stations that barely have any content in them.

Oh well, times change I guess.  I feel like a part of me died today, and I will miss those experiences, but now that I am a DJ, not merely a collector, I need to be more efficient and be able to hear the music before a purchase.

Well this blog entry sure took a turn huh?  Back to my original intention... to give you this new mix.  The title is taken from a new Deep House night that I just started with Rahiem and Rob in SF.  All the details for that are on my facebook page

1 - Music in the Air (Will Reel Soul Rodriguez Vocal) - Tyrone Ellis
2 - Fallin' (Reel Soul Remix) - Tonya Renee
3 - First Love (Feliciano Classic Mix) - Syren
4 - Love and Happiness (Ray Jones Vocal Mix) - First Choice
5 - Hang Around (Karizma's Deepah 1ne Remix) - Ben Westbeech
6 - You’re All I Need - DJ Dealer
7 - De Color (Ferry B. Original Mix) - Ferry B
8 - Curiosity Killed The House Cat (Aaron Hall Remix) - Jazzmopper J
9 - Better Than Never (Main Mix) - Orlando Vaughan
10 - Losin' My Head [Peaktime Mix] - Monkey Brothers feat Shaun Escoffery
11 - Samba Consumo (CrisP mix) - Sumo
12 - Second Guess (Grant Nelson Remix) - Reel People
13 - Everything She Wants (White Label Remix) - Wham
14 - Black Man (Deep Soul Mix) - Gianluca Pighi feat Robert Owens

Download Tracks Individually Here

"Nu Croon" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Soulful Broken Beat)

I saw a drawing of a phonograph today, and I thought about how times have changed technologically.  We are still the same, musically, in many ways, but music is way more accessible these days, and goes almost unnoticed in many situations. We still sing about love, we still go out dancing, and enjoy a good song writer, but I feel like the passion for music 100+ years ago must have been so pure and intense.

Looking at the phonograph that probably played easily breakable 78's made of shellac, which could only fill one room with sound, and had no bass, with records that only had a couple of songs on them, I realized how unbelievably spoiled we are today. People had to work much harder to consume music back then.  Hell, at one point, live and recorded music was only accessible to the wealthy.  Music must have been much more meaningful to listen to, with even more thought put into the actual song's creation.  Way more than the saturated, disposable top 40 sounds on our current air-waves, that's for sure. Going out to hear a live performance must have been one of the highlights of someone's whole year, if not entire life.

Even though the only pictures and videos we have of certain era's are in black and white, they were way more "colorful" than we give them credit for.  Swing music is off the chain (no pun intended).  I wish I had the chance to experience a culture where there was appreciation for ballads, and better instrumentation was standard, rather than the simple dribble, and one hit wonders that we pump out regularly in our society today.

 A lot of the "Crooners" like Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra were hip cats, and would probably dig some of our current tunes, but I just don't feel like most popular music these days have actually evolved for the better. There is a reason those artists are considered timeless.  Will we have any timeless musicians in our generation?  Our technology has changed the world, but in many ways we have taken giant leaps backwards.

I want to pay respect to the path that they paved for us, so here is my new mix of soulful stuff I'd like to think they'd get down to today in a club.

1 - You're So Desirable (Sunday People Remix) - Billie Holiday
2 - Relevations - Von Mondo
3 - That Night (Vikter Duplaix Remix) - Jazzanova
4 - I Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix) - Hird
5 - Restless Times - Clara Hill
6 - Pressure (Universal Sun Remix) - Lady Alma
7 - Endless Dance (Karizma Remix) - Markus Enochson
8 - Lucy Said (Landslide Remix) - Fenomenon
9 - Lockdown (Remix) - Soulstice
10 - I Forgot You (feat. Clyde) - Atjazz
11 - Like A Star - Alister Johnson
12 - So Far - Lacarno & Burns
13 - Distractions (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - Zero 7
14 - Feeling Good - The Quantic Soul Orchestra
15 - Ordinary People (Broken Remix) - John Legend

Download The Tracks Individually Here

80's Night! Over 4 Hours of the Worst Music Ever Made

You may or may not know this, but The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were not always so trendy and lovable characters. They started as a comic book series that was dark and bloody, with cuss words and sexual activity.  There's no point to that tid bit, I just wanted to mention it cause I found my old TMNT comics the other day.


 I made this 80's mix on a night that I got booked at recently.  It was at this theme party and everyone was in 80's "costumes/attire" (looking like douche bags). I kinda hate 80's pop and new wave honestly, but a man's gotta eat I guess.  If I was booked to play more 80's hip hop or rare soul, aka non-radio shit, then maybe it would have been ok, but these losers wanted New Wave and Hair Band Metal. I snuck in a little hip hop, but it's mostly the trendy pop crap. I guess it's a fun mix to have if you are throwing your own 80's party, so I'll hook you up with it.  It's not as bad as I'm making it out to be honestly.  It's just not my favorite music, and I was just a little kid in the 80's anyway, so I don't really know the music very well, or have memories attached to these songs.


"Focus" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Nu Jazz, Afro/Brazilian, Future Soul)

It may seem as though I am drifting off into space when you catch me staring at the radio, or speakers.  In a way it's true, but I am far from being lost in some A.D.D. stupor. More than likely, if I am caught in a sort of trance, its because I am totally lost in the music. Music has the power to open up sectors of your mind that would other wise be dormant, so I am probably lost in thought.

When I was in college, we had digital cable, with digital radio stations. I would spend hours listening to some of the Electronic radio stations, just staring at the blank TV screen.  God they hated me for that, especially when some dumb show was on that they wanted to watch.  My roommates most likely thought I was some kind of stoner dip shit or something.  The music was my center of attention, while others merely listened to it passively.

People tend to view music as just background filler. This in unacceptable in my world. Music is the main focus of a party to me, and almost every other situation as well. My college roommates would come home and start huge arguments with me just because they wanted to watch brainless garbage on television, while I was merely listening to music. I guess they assumed that even though I was using the TV first, which was our rule, that it didn't count if I was just listening to music.  At the time though, that was the best source I had for new tunes.

They even thought I was depressed at one point because I'd be just sitting in the living room, in the dark, staring into nothing, listening to Downtempo Electronic. Some people just do not get it! The music keeps me from being depressed, what depresses me is when you turn it off, and the ignorance that is so deeply rooted in our "Land of Diversity". Even when I was 8 years old, I would spend an eternity just lying on the floor listening to the radio, staring at my bright red dual tape deck, waiting to hear songs I like so I could record them.  As a teen, it was the same thing.  I would drown out the world with music, and go into my own realm. I'd be in my Dad's basement for half the day listening to CD's.  My Dad probably thought I was jerking off or doing drugs, haha.

I'm sure the folks that have never felt the way many of us music enthusiasts feel, would think we are freakin bananas. I have been in tears due to a beautiful song. I'm not talking some cheesy, sappy love ballad, or just a sad song with sad lyric either. I'm talking about tears of joy, that make you appreciate the beauty and splendor that this world can offer. Sometimes the art and craft that someone was able to create is just too overwhelming.  It's powerful stuff.  Better than any drug I've ever tried, that's for sure.
It can be very spiritual when you hear that one song, that makes the rest of the world disappear. You are in tunnel vision, and all that exists is you, and that mind altering melody. Music is my meditation. It's like fuel to me.  I'm pretty sure I'd die without it.  I've had many "Out of Body" experiences, with music, no drugs involved.  I swear to God this is a total cliche, but the music really is its own high, and I feel sorry for people that need drugs to actually feel the music.

 I have seen guys with absolutely no rhythm in their body, tear the dance floor up, dancing uncontrollably. Its actually funny to watch, yet so wonderful to me. It's one of my favorite thing to see someone losing their shit.  It makes me really appreciate human nature, and raw, unedited human emotion. I get chills almost everyday because I have drowned my life in music.

As an adult, and a DJ, I have become extremely picky and almost anal, when it comes to music, clubs and parties. I try hard not to be, but its so difficult not to be constantly searching for that high I was talking about.   You turn into a straight up junkie for it.  It's unfortunate that a lot of parties do not focus on the music at all. Instead they focus on an image. I see the music world falling deeper and deeper into heavy divides. All of the best music is in the underground scene, and smaller, more intimate venues. It has always been like that to a certain extent, but I think it will be more steadfast, and the line between the two is widening.

 When I found out that Lil Wayne was nominated for 8 Grammy awards, and that Soulja Boy was a national sensation, I realized that the music industry has completely alienated itself from the true music lover. They are just going after an image and want to keep us dumb and controllable.  I am a firm believer that the music should be the center of attention to make your event a success, or for me to recognize you as a respected artist. Music is such a major part of our core, that if you target that center, there is no way you can fail. You will hit everyone's heart. At least I like to think so.  Think about it, we live every second of our lives listening to the natural rhythm of our heatbeat.  So to end on another cliche, just follow your heart.

Anyway, here is my latest mix.

1 - Brooklyn Heights - Down To The Bone
2 - Dan Gna - Les Go De Koteba
3 - Querida Vida - Browntempo
4 - Funky In The Middle - Nickodemus feat. Jay Rodrigues & Ticklah
5 - Hurry Home Featuring TM Juke - Alice Russell
6 - Treasure - Zuco 103
7 - Possas Boogie (Remix) - Klement Julienne
8 - Another New Day - Jazzanova
9 - Listen To The Drums - Outlines
10 - A-Gusta - Safri Duo
11 - Exilio (Rewound By Thievery Corporation) - Thievery Corporation
12 - Universal Love - Truby Trio
13 - Soulmate - Summerland
14 - Feel - Li'sha Project (Lisa Shaw)
15 - Hard To Say - Clara Hill Meets Slope
16 - Pousada Do Amor - Les Hommes
17 - Jazz Mood No. 1 - Future Loop Foundation
18 - The Bushoong - Moodorama
19 - Nos Vida (MAW Mix) - Louie Vega Presents Ananè
20 - Inspiracao Feat. Lilian Vieira - Praful
21 - Bossa Del Sol (Bossa Del Lounge Mix) - Future Mode

Download Individually Here

"Dusty Shelves" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Old School Soul/Trip Hop/Future Soul/Downtempo)

It seems that every time I question my obsession with Trip Hop, I get an extra boost of confidence to reassure myself that it's all good to keep spinning. I made the Burning Bridges mix a while back, after struggling to find a Trip Hop, Downtempo, Nu Jazz culture here in the Bay Area, and decided to move on. Then my homie DJ MIKAN, gives me a ton of new cuts before he moved to LA. It started to re-spark my lust for those raw beats and dirty, dark instrumental sounds.

I mixed this live a while back at a spot that we used to spin at together, and I used 7 of his tracks that he gave me. I have had this recording sitting on the shelves for months now, cause I'm still pissed that this music is not as big as I want it to be. But lately, with the winter coming, I have noticed that people are a little more down with it. So I am bringing it out of hiding. It starts off with some old school Soul, then is basically Trip Hop through the End. The sound levels may be clipping in a few spots.  Sorry.

1 - Tripping Out - Curtis Mayfield
2 - Son Of A Preacher - Dusty Springfield
3 - The World Is A Ghetto - War
4 - Superman Lover - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
5 - Miss Q'n - Zap Mama
6 - My Soul Ain't For Sale (Instrumental) - Jazzy Jeff
7 - Four Hills - DJ Day
8 - Hustle On - Evidence
9 - Bath Music - Greyboy
10 - Kix Jazz Pt. II - Kixnare
11 - King And I - Marc Mac
12 - Here's What's Left - RJD2
13 - Four Ton Mantis - Amon Tobin
14 - Moonpie - Cinema Recorded Music Cinema
15 - Downtown Brown - Ben Human
16 - Shadow - General Midi
17 - Shin-Sekai (with Rino) - DJ Krush
18 - Pretty Girl With A Crooked Smile - DJ T Rock & Squahy Nice
19 - Black Capricorn Day (Slum Village remix) - Jamiroquai
20 - Mental Invasion - DJ Cam
21 - Where Have They Gone - Harmonic 33
22 - Kanstrumental 5 - Kankick
23 - Give Thanks (Sound Providers Remix Inst) - Kero One
24 - Who's The Realest? - The Herbaliser
25 - Can I Get A Witness (Thievery Corporation remix) - Sofa Surfers
26 - Sometimes - B Tribe
27 - Immature - Bjork
28 - In The Garden - DJ Frane
29 - Duality - DJ Krush

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"The 86 Train" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Deep Latin House)

This mix is for all of you trainwrecking, buster ass DJs out there.  I had to make a new mix after going out last Saturday night. I just can't help but get fed up and frustrated at DJ's that simply can not mix to save their life! I can't count on my fingers (or toes) the amount of DJ's I've heard that just do not know how to beat match. It absolutely boggles my mind! I'm not merely talking about rookie DJs either, No No No, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt with a "Get Outta Jail Free" card. I'm talking about HEADLINERS!!!

Now in order to keep the peace I will not mention names, but if you saw me out on Saturday, you know exactly who I am talking about. I'm not trying to black list myself with other DJ's, so I'm not going to mention specifics, but there is a fat roster of DJ's that I've heard who always trainwreck. I'm also perplexed that these shitty ass DJ's are pulling in thousands of dollars a night.

These are unfortunately also some of my favorite producers, and promoters that are guilty as charged, and should refund my admission personally, like I had a receipt at WalMart. If I'm paying between $10 and $30, you better damn well be sure that I intend to hear top quality from those speakers.  When I hear bad mixing, it makes me cringe.  It's like nails on a chalk board to me. Once in a set is fine, but repeatedly?  That's inexcusable, especially at the rates they are charging.

I think the problem is that these so called "DJ's", are not really DJ's. They are only producers and promoters. They usually suck behind the decks, even though they have built a strong fan base. They blew up too fast, but never actually had DJ experience, or have never performed for a crowd.  Now they are getting booked for shows, and even though they are not ready, they don't want to turn down money.  Especially because they are probably not making money with all the piracy.

I swear to freakin Allah, Jehovah, and Lucifer, that I've even seen crowds of hundreds cheering them on, as if they are actually doing something.  Meanwhile they are just butchering the sound waves and my ear drums. I'd rather listen to a handful of marbles thrown into a garbage disposal. Their mixing sounds like 3 shoes in a Dryer. I just don't get It. The first thing you learn as a DJ is how to mix. Even if I'm at a wedding, I expect to hear the DJ mixing. If you merely Fade Up/Fade Down tracks, YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING DJ! There are rules to this game, and if you can't follow them, you might as well hang up your headphones.

I have only been spinning since 2004, but there are some 15 year veteran DJs, that are making mistakes that an amateur would make. Here are the four basic elements of a DJ: #1-Music Selection, #2-Learn To Mix, #3-Read The Crowd, #4-Promote Yourself.  One weak link in this chain, and all bets are off.

This is my call out mix to all the DJ's that consistently trainwreck! You all need to be 86'ed from every club until you can learn to mix.  I'm not talking about masking the problem with cheap tricks either. If you are constantly getting on the mic to hide the mix, or just constantly scratching in the next tune, like you have a rash, than you need some more training young Jedi.

1 - Candela - John Beltran
2 - Magia (Faze Action Horny Mix) - Banda Black Rio
3 - Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) - Masters At Work Feat. Luis Salinas
4 - Carib's Leap (MKDVJC Twisted Main Mix) - Ian Friday
5 - Macumba Walele - BIBI
6 - Samba Consumo (CrisP mix) - Sumo
7 - Future Paradise - Yosaku
8 - Never Seen It Comin - Mudfoot Jones
9 - Theorema Del Faya - Anto Vitale (Ian Friday Tea Party Mix)
10 - Like A Sunshine, My Memory [EOL Mix] - PUSHIM
11 - Stargazer - KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Weather Storm" - Mixed By Imani (Deep and Darker House and some Soul Brokenbeat)

Weather Storm was mixed on a rainy night. There was a really lonely feeling in the air cause it had been pouring all week. There was a travelling carnival in town, in this big open field, and every time I passed by it, it was barren. No one wants to be walking around in the mud, and slipping on the ride's steel walkways and stairs. Everyone was dreary eyed in the bar and seemed reserved. I've been suffering from some serious back pain myself, so I needed some heavy beats to get my mind off of this misery. Miami's WMC 2009 is only a couple of weeks away, so that should help. I wanted to get insanely dark with this one, but I figured it wouldn't work with the tiny crowd that was at this gig. 

There are a few upbeat tracks to keep some variety to the mix, and a couple of old favorites. My goal was to make a mix that would be good for background on a rainy night, just relaxing, or a late night rendezvous. It wasn't exactly as I had intended, but that happens with live mixes, especially when people are coming up to the DJ Booth to chat, compliment, complain or whatever. You still are spinning for a crowd, and need to read their body language, and cater to their moods.  It tends to distract and alter the recording process, and in my case, sometimes it switches my mood.  The worst is when drunk asses keep coming up and bothering me with requests.  People who make stupid requests are worse than someone punching a surgeon in the arm as they are tediously giving laser eye surgery. Or someone who is on their cell phone during a moment of silence at a funeral. You've got to have nerves of a champion if that shit wouldn't get to you.

Anyhow, I love the song Weather Storm by Massive Attack, so that is where I got the title, even though that track is not on this mix.

1 - Astrology - Blaze
2 - Be With You (DHP Mix) - Carolyn Harding
3 - Japan - Neurotron
4 - Hiya Kaya (Rocco Deep Mix) - Kentphonik feat. Khensy
5 - Mirror Dance - Afefe Iku
6 - The Rite Place - Blakkat
7 - Illuminations - Ski Oakenfull
8 - The Oldest Story (Swag's New Story Vocal Mix) - P'Taah
9 - Paper Chase - Clara Hill Meets Vikter Duplaix
10 - Like Rain (Nomumbah Remix) - Tamara Wellons
11 - On My Heart (Dub) - Isoul8 Feat. Paul Randolph
12 - Drifting Away (Nacho Marco Remix) - Chubby Dubz
13 - Deep House Soul (Vas & Mr Jones Remix) - Vas Floyd

Download Individually Here

"Malt Liquor In Wine Glasses" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Trip Hop, Nu Jazz)

This is a live mix recorded in Oakland, and is full of Hip Hop and Jazz elements creating a classy vibe here in the concrete jungle. There are a few classic hip hop tracks covered by Jazz musicians, and a few Soul tracks covered by hip hop collectives. There are some huge, staple songs in the downtempo world on here.  Some of these are defining breakout tracks that shaped these artists and helped them blow up. Especially the St. Germain and Tosca Tracks. This mix was spun on a Friday night, so even though it's mellow, it still has a crunchy feel so I wouldn't put anyone to sleep.

1 - Runnin' - Visioneers
2 - All I Need - Roy Hargrove
3 - Push 'Em Up - Armand Van Helden
4 - Brooklyn 1, 2 - DJ Cam
5 - Damn - Nightmares On Wax
6 - Keeping The Motion - DJ Krush
7 - Electro Space Modulator - Ming & FS
8 - Music Use It - Lalomie Washburn
9 - The Global Village (Instrumental) - Nickodemus
10 - Rebirth - A Forest Mighty Black
11 - Suzuki - Tosca
12 - The Mirror Conspiracy - Thievery Corporation
13 - L.O.V.E. And You & I (Dr. Ghe Mix) - Jazzanova
14 - Electric Relaxation - Jeff Lorber
15 - Sure Thing - St Germain
16 - Afros In Ya - J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
17 - Etoh - The Avalanches
18 - But The World Moves On feat.D-MADNESS & Masato Nakamura - DJ Krush
19 - Ike's Mood (on 2) - Visioneers
20 - A Tribute to TROY - J. Rawls
21 - Hot Butter - Armand Van Helden
22 - Bring It On - Dual Control
23 - Jazz Potato - Mr. Scruff

Download The Tracks Individually Here

Concrete Rose-Mixed By DJ IMANI (Soul Remixes, Trip Hop)

How freakin beautiful is this pic?! Graffiti and a totally smokin hot girl???  Two of the greatest things in life!!! Its like taking a hot, deep dish pizza with all the freshest ingredients, and then sprinkling it with Diamonds. Or taking some Shrooms and then deep sea diving in the most tropical ocean. I don't know, that's all I can think of right now, hahaha.

This mix combines my love of Trip Hop with Soul.  Fresh beats with a ton of Remixes and Covers. There are some bad ass versions on here, and a rare Jamiroquai cut that is not on any album. I got the title from something Tupac said in an interview. He compared himself to a rose growing out of a crack in a concrete sidewalk. The rose is all beat up, barely surviving, bruised, stepped on, malnutritioned and withering. He said some people passing by say, "That rose is ugly and hopeless!" While others stop and admire the rose and say, "Holy Shit! That rose is surviving in concrete!"

That's my life right there. I never thought I'd live to see 27. I had a hard upbringing, in poverty, with shitty education. Topped off with a distant family, and growing up in the armpit of deep East Oakland. Fuck all that though!  I grew up outta that shit and rose above.   It's hard to rise above when you are living in those conditions, and you will always bear scars, but having risen out of the muck has opened my eyes so much. I feel like I can appreciate more of the little things, and no problem is too big for me to handle.

This mix is an example of my transition from super hood life to just slightly less hood life (Haha, I'm still working my way up).  There is some heavy hitting Trip Hop and some amazing Old School remixes.

1 - It's Your Thing ('95 Extended Remix) - The Jackson 5
2 - Get the Third (Instrumental) - J-Live
3 - Last Tango In Paris (Herb Alpert Cover) - Gotan Project
4 - Shake It Loose - Mo´ Horizons
5 - Just a Little Lovin (GB Remix) - Carmen McCrae
6 - Jealous - Marcel
7 - DJ Kicks - Terranova
8 - The Werewolf Break - Ben Human
9 - Big Mouth (Nomadic Remix) - Whodini
10 - Don't Look Any Further (DJ U.F. Low Mix) - Dennis Edwards Feat. Seidah Garrett
11 - Bullet - Jamiroquai
12 - Day Dreamer - Josh One
13 - Lover Man (Jazzelicious Remix) - Sarah Vaughan
14 - I Want You (7 Samurai Remix) - Marvin Gaye
15 - If You Want Me To Stay (S.A.T.F.S. Cover) - Devin Lima
16 - Violin Madness - Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk
17 - Hydroponic Jungle Throwdown - DJ Frane
18 - Tribute To King Tubby - Fatboy Slim
19 - Fresh Rhythm - Quantic
20 - 24 Carat Blag - Herbaliser
21 - Lapdance (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - N.E.R.D.
22 - Nevas\Da (Featuring Anik) - Ming & FS
23 - Reservoir Dogs - Armand Van Helden
24 - Black Widow - K-Scope

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Darker The Beat, Sweeter The Groove" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Trip Hop, Future Soul, Remixes, Nu Jazz)

This mix is what I wanna hear at a lounge, or happy hour. Music for a hip, mellow crowd that could either get down, or merely engage in conversation. Maybe something you would hear at an art show, or in some restaurant. Some of the tracks are dark and full of grimey bass lines, and others are light hearted and easily digestible. I played this live, for a crowd that is used to hearing Hip Hop and Soul on a Friday night.  I had to stay within a certain bracket, or else I'd get booted. Didn't want to drift too far into the "weird shit", I sometimes get accused of playing.  It went over well because it still has elements of Hip Hop and Soul, but is clearly, nothing you would ever hear on the radio. There are some really good covers and remixes on here.

1 - Don't Speak - Leela James
2 - Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers Feat. Erykah Badu
3 - Summermadness - DJ Cam
4 - Mr. Holmes - Herbaliser
5 - Channel 1 Suite - Cinematic Orchestra
6 - Black Is The Color Of My True Love´s Hair (Jaffa Remix) - Nina Simone
7 - Ghetto Jam - Rick Braun
8 - All Spice - Metal Fingers(MF Doom)
9 - Paul's Pal - Paul Hunter
10 - This Masquerade (Nightmares On Wax Remix) - George Benson
11 - Bohemian Sunset - Jazzanova
12 - In All The Wrong Places (Inst) - Kero One
13 - Final Home (Vocal Version) Feat. Esthero - DJ Krush
14 - Los Dangerous - Haiku D'Etat
15 - Wanted U Down - Himuki
16 - Four Elements/Yes Yo Life/Just Be Good To Me - Nick Wiz/John Klemmer/Beats International
17 - Shrinkin' Yo Hed - The Amalgamation Of Soundz
18 - Distractions (DJ Spinna remix) - Zero 7
19 - Analyze - Sharpshooters
20 - Generally - Colossus
21 - No Use - Jazzanova Feat. Clara Hill
22 - The End - Llorca
23 - Spellbound - Rae & Christian

Download The Tracks Individually Here

"Jack Of All Trades Dealing In Debt" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Soul/Jazz/World Broken Beat)

The title is from the Temptations song "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", which is one of my favorite songs of all time. Jazzy Jeff did an amazing remix to it, which I put on this mix. Every September 3rd, it is a must that I play this song if I'm at a gig. I have heard dozens of remixes to the song, and none do it any justice. It's insanely hard to remake a timeless classic.  This mix is primarily Brokenbeat, but there are some House tunes too.

1 - Always [Lovetronic Vocal] - Lisa Shaw
2 - Fried Samba - Malena
3 - Maracatueira (Incognito Main Remix) - Sabrina Malheiros
4 - Make It Stop - Soulphonic Soundsystem
5 - Lady Luck [Bugz In The Attic Remix] - Victor Davies
6 - Tonight (King Britt's Sexy mix) - H Foundation
7 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Jazzy Jeff Remix) - The Temptations
8 - The Novel Sound - Llorca
9 - Peregrino - Zuco 103
10 - See Line Woman (Kerri Chandler Remix) - Songstress & Nina Simone
11 - Undoneson - Plaid
12 - Into The Blue [4Hero Extended Mix] - Shaun Escoffery
13 - My Vision (Dixon Edit) - Agora Rhythm
14 - Tides Featuring Bajka - Beanfield
15 - Sapporo - Blaze
16 - Deep Down - Jimpster
17 - Starstruck - Minus 8
18 - Reflection - Paul Hunter

Download The Tracks Individually Here