"Focus" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Nu Jazz, Afro/Brazilian, Future Soul)

It may seem as though I am drifting off into space when you catch me staring at the radio, or speakers.  In a way it's true, but I am far from being lost in some A.D.D. stupor. More than likely, if I am caught in a sort of trance, its because I am totally lost in the music. Music has the power to open up sectors of your mind that would other wise be dormant, so I am probably lost in thought.

When I was in college, we had digital cable, with digital radio stations. I would spend hours listening to some of the Electronic radio stations, just staring at the blank TV screen.  God they hated me for that, especially when some dumb show was on that they wanted to watch.  My roommates most likely thought I was some kind of stoner dip shit or something.  The music was my center of attention, while others merely listened to it passively.

People tend to view music as just background filler. This in unacceptable in my world. Music is the main focus of a party to me, and almost every other situation as well. My college roommates would come home and start huge arguments with me just because they wanted to watch brainless garbage on television, while I was merely listening to music. I guess they assumed that even though I was using the TV first, which was our rule, that it didn't count if I was just listening to music.  At the time though, that was the best source I had for new tunes.

They even thought I was depressed at one point because I'd be just sitting in the living room, in the dark, staring into nothing, listening to Downtempo Electronic. Some people just do not get it! The music keeps me from being depressed, what depresses me is when you turn it off, and the ignorance that is so deeply rooted in our "Land of Diversity". Even when I was 8 years old, I would spend an eternity just lying on the floor listening to the radio, staring at my bright red dual tape deck, waiting to hear songs I like so I could record them.  As a teen, it was the same thing.  I would drown out the world with music, and go into my own realm. I'd be in my Dad's basement for half the day listening to CD's.  My Dad probably thought I was jerking off or doing drugs, haha.

I'm sure the folks that have never felt the way many of us music enthusiasts feel, would think we are freakin bananas. I have been in tears due to a beautiful song. I'm not talking some cheesy, sappy love ballad, or just a sad song with sad lyric either. I'm talking about tears of joy, that make you appreciate the beauty and splendor that this world can offer. Sometimes the art and craft that someone was able to create is just too overwhelming.  It's powerful stuff.  Better than any drug I've ever tried, that's for sure.
It can be very spiritual when you hear that one song, that makes the rest of the world disappear. You are in tunnel vision, and all that exists is you, and that mind altering melody. Music is my meditation. It's like fuel to me.  I'm pretty sure I'd die without it.  I've had many "Out of Body" experiences, with music, no drugs involved.  I swear to God this is a total cliche, but the music really is its own high, and I feel sorry for people that need drugs to actually feel the music.

 I have seen guys with absolutely no rhythm in their body, tear the dance floor up, dancing uncontrollably. Its actually funny to watch, yet so wonderful to me. It's one of my favorite thing to see someone losing their shit.  It makes me really appreciate human nature, and raw, unedited human emotion. I get chills almost everyday because I have drowned my life in music.

As an adult, and a DJ, I have become extremely picky and almost anal, when it comes to music, clubs and parties. I try hard not to be, but its so difficult not to be constantly searching for that high I was talking about.   You turn into a straight up junkie for it.  It's unfortunate that a lot of parties do not focus on the music at all. Instead they focus on an image. I see the music world falling deeper and deeper into heavy divides. All of the best music is in the underground scene, and smaller, more intimate venues. It has always been like that to a certain extent, but I think it will be more steadfast, and the line between the two is widening.

 When I found out that Lil Wayne was nominated for 8 Grammy awards, and that Soulja Boy was a national sensation, I realized that the music industry has completely alienated itself from the true music lover. They are just going after an image and want to keep us dumb and controllable.  I am a firm believer that the music should be the center of attention to make your event a success, or for me to recognize you as a respected artist. Music is such a major part of our core, that if you target that center, there is no way you can fail. You will hit everyone's heart. At least I like to think so.  Think about it, we live every second of our lives listening to the natural rhythm of our heatbeat.  So to end on another cliche, just follow your heart.

Anyway, here is my latest mix.

1 - Brooklyn Heights - Down To The Bone
2 - Dan Gna - Les Go De Koteba
3 - Querida Vida - Browntempo
4 - Funky In The Middle - Nickodemus feat. Jay Rodrigues & Ticklah
5 - Hurry Home Featuring TM Juke - Alice Russell
6 - Treasure - Zuco 103
7 - Possas Boogie (Remix) - Klement Julienne
8 - Another New Day - Jazzanova
9 - Listen To The Drums - Outlines
10 - A-Gusta - Safri Duo
11 - Exilio (Rewound By Thievery Corporation) - Thievery Corporation
12 - Universal Love - Truby Trio
13 - Soulmate - Summerland
14 - Feel - Li'sha Project (Lisa Shaw)
15 - Hard To Say - Clara Hill Meets Slope
16 - Pousada Do Amor - Les Hommes
17 - Jazz Mood No. 1 - Future Loop Foundation
18 - The Bushoong - Moodorama
19 - Nos Vida (MAW Mix) - Louie Vega Presents Ananè
20 - Inspiracao Feat. Lilian Vieira - Praful
21 - Bossa Del Sol (Bossa Del Lounge Mix) - Future Mode

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