"Darker The Beat, Sweeter The Groove" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Trip Hop, Future Soul, Remixes, Nu Jazz)

This mix is what I wanna hear at a lounge, or happy hour. Music for a hip, mellow crowd that could either get down, or merely engage in conversation. Maybe something you would hear at an art show, or in some restaurant. Some of the tracks are dark and full of grimey bass lines, and others are light hearted and easily digestible. I played this live, for a crowd that is used to hearing Hip Hop and Soul on a Friday night.  I had to stay within a certain bracket, or else I'd get booted. Didn't want to drift too far into the "weird shit", I sometimes get accused of playing.  It went over well because it still has elements of Hip Hop and Soul, but is clearly, nothing you would ever hear on the radio. There are some really good covers and remixes on here.

1 - Don't Speak - Leela James
2 - Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers Feat. Erykah Badu
3 - Summermadness - DJ Cam
4 - Mr. Holmes - Herbaliser
5 - Channel 1 Suite - Cinematic Orchestra
6 - Black Is The Color Of My True Love´s Hair (Jaffa Remix) - Nina Simone
7 - Ghetto Jam - Rick Braun
8 - All Spice - Metal Fingers(MF Doom)
9 - Paul's Pal - Paul Hunter
10 - This Masquerade (Nightmares On Wax Remix) - George Benson
11 - Bohemian Sunset - Jazzanova
12 - In All The Wrong Places (Inst) - Kero One
13 - Final Home (Vocal Version) Feat. Esthero - DJ Krush
14 - Los Dangerous - Haiku D'Etat
15 - Wanted U Down - Himuki
16 - Four Elements/Yes Yo Life/Just Be Good To Me - Nick Wiz/John Klemmer/Beats International
17 - Shrinkin' Yo Hed - The Amalgamation Of Soundz
18 - Distractions (DJ Spinna remix) - Zero 7
19 - Analyze - Sharpshooters
20 - Generally - Colossus
21 - No Use - Jazzanova Feat. Clara Hill
22 - The End - Llorca
23 - Spellbound - Rae & Christian

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