"Break The Floor" Mixed By DJ IMANI (Electro Funk/80's Breakbeat)

If you ever doubted how fresh I am, here is your swift kick in the ass. You will be wishing you were as cool as I am when you hear what I compiled here. This is a 4 Hour mix of all 80's Breaks. It will have you pop lockin and spinnin on your back.  This is the only Electro Funk mix you will ever need for the rest of your life. Now go worship the Synth, and do the robot!


Artists Include: Davy DMX, Newcleus, Malcolm McLaren, Jonzun Crew, Kraftwerk, Paul Hardcastle, Herbie Hancock, Midnight Star, Afrika Bambaataa, Depeche Mode, GLOBE and Whiz Kid, Herbie Hancock, Shannon, Royal Cash, Yaz, LA Dream Team, Grandmaster Flash, Hashim, Cybotron, Egyptian Lover, Twilight 22, Ice T, Arabian Prince, New Order, Ready For The World, System, Freestyle, Melle Mel, and Many Many More!

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