"Essence" - Mixed By DJ IMANI (Downtempo and Future Soul)

This is one of the first mixes that I ever recorded. Its a mellow mix with some trip hop flavor, so it has a stronger groove than some of the sleepy downtempo tracks out there. I wanted to make a mix that was a bit different from the typical formula. Most mixes either stay the same BPM throughout, or at least ascend from a slow BPM to a faster BPM.  This mix breaks that model and descends from 100 BPM down to 70 BPM's. It is a little sexy, and a little hip.

 The sound quality starts to slip just a tad towards the very end, but hell, it was one of my first mixes dang it.  I still think it sounds bad ass. This pic is from the Winter Music Conference in Miami 2008, just chillin at the hotel pool with Cherylee. They had a bar that was playing downtempo and it was a nice change of pace from at the crazy nightlife. I was surprised that there was not a bigger lounge scene out there.  I mean, KRIZTAL RECORDS is in Miami... Right?  I guess WMC drowned it all out with House, or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough.

Download Tracks Individually Here

1 - Lickin' - B&B International
2 - Somesing - Sound Tribe Sector 9
3 - Do What You Want - Aya
4 - Modus Operandi - Photek
5 - Tub Scene - David Holmes
6 - Paloora - Miguel Graca
7 - Try Me Featuring Goapele & Capital A - J-Boogie
8 - Rhyemdrop (Mime Remix) - Moodphase 5ive
9 - Whose Blues - Caia
10 - Danger Of Love Feat. Zap Mama - DJ Krush
11 - Cosmopole - Cantoma
12 - Lite - Soul Circuit
13 - Les courants d'air - Grand Tourism feat. Terry Callier
14 - Atlantis - Kosma
15 - Tout Le Monde - Daddy Ous
16 - Color Strip (Warren) - Jimmy Edgar

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