"The Freak" Mixed by DJ IMANI (Broken Beat/2 Step/Mild Breaks)

This mix is pretty funky, and a little out of character, but its a cool mix. Of course I say that about every mix, but hey, I'm not gonna put music up that I don't like. I'm surprised that 2 Step/Garage didn't really catch on here in the Bay area. I keep hearing how diverse it is in Cali, San Francisco especially, but it's not really true in my opinion. The music scene is not as blooming as one would think. Sure there is a pretty good undergroung scene, but the music is always the same, if not total horse shit, and the clubs suck. If I hear another remix of Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl", I'm gonna run up to the DJ Booth and pull a Chuck Norris on the Douche Bag spinning. Then I'm gonna give the promoter a wedgie that rips his body in half.

2Step/Garage had potential, but was never really embraced out here. The Bay compared to the UK is like that one kid in High School, that is always years behind everyone in style, lingo, fashion (etc). We seem to be the last ones to be hip to different scenes, and by the time it starts to build here, it is already dying out at the source. So we never get a chance to be immersed in the culture. My prediction is the next genre like that will be Dubstep. Mark my words, Dubstep will have a brief explosion, then die, because the Bay area is too concerned with reviving the Hyphy movement. There is even some shit called Crunk-step. That is Retarded! Don't taint brilliant electronic music with ignorance. That's what Ghetto Tech is for.

2 Step was fresh! It was a little prissy at times, especially towards the end when it started to sound like bad Pop music, but overall it had all the elements of good dance music. It was like a fusion of Breaks, Brokenbeat, Deep House, some Ragga/Grime and Soul. Oh well, I pour out a drink to another lost soldier in this crazy music world. This mix has a little 2 step, but not that much, cause I'm not insanely knowledgeable about it.

Download Individual Tracks Here

1 - Slack Society (Featuring Alice Russel) - Dublex Inc.
2 - Hold It Down (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - 4Hero
3 - Word To The Wise - Nos
4 - Spiritual (Opaque Vocal Remix) - Reel People featuring Nathan Haines
5 - Samurai - Jazztronik
6 - Bomb Diggy (Bump 'n' Flex Remix) - Another Level
7 - Jaques Your Bodyrox - Phat Bastard
8 - Freak - Ming + FS
9 - Freak Like Me - Tru Faith Featuring Dub Conspiracy
10 - Freak Break (Scratch Fever Mix B-15) - Lady Saw
11 - Fall Into You (Landslide Dub Remix) - Soulstice
12 - The Big Score - The Fort Knox Five
13 - Tel Aviv - Fauna Flash
14 - Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) - Jazzanova Feat. Valerie Etienne & Rob Gallagher

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